Different Ways To Use Die Cut Words and Phrases

Check out some fun ways to make cards using your die cut words and phrases!

Today I have created a little collection of pretty cards that all use the same card base/layer construction and are different only in their colors and how I used my die cut words and phrases. You can see that using just a couple of fun and easy die cutting techniques combined with small details can give you endless creative opportunities! And if this post looks a little familiar, you are correct! I used this same basic idea in this post  some time ago and I love that  the techniques I shared back then have endured. There’s nothing like a classic! For these cards I used Spring Word w/ Shadow, Friend Script w/ Shadow, Hello Script w/ Shadow, Happy Script w/ Shadow, Birthday Script w/ Shadow, You Script w/ Shadow, Flower Buds, Flower Stems and Build a Phrase #1

die cut words and phrases - with just a few tiny touches like these die cut flowers - can make a whole card when you use a clever design like this one of four shared today

Hello Friend

For this card I used the die cut words without the shadow pieces.

  • Cut the Hello and Friend words using purple cardstock.
  • Use white cardstock to cut the scalloped layer.
  • Place the scalloped layer back on the cutting platform and secure the Hello and Friend in place and cut.  Pro Tip:  I used a magnet platform to line up and hold the words in place.  If you don’t have a magnet platform you can secure the dies in place with a few pieces of tape.
  • Carefully remove the scalloped layer to make sure to keep all the tiny negative pieces.
  • Place the scalloped layer face down on your desk and apply double stick tape to cover the word openings.  Pro Tip: I performed this task on a craft sheet to avoid the tape sticking to my work surface.
  • Turn the scallop layer face up and secure the Hello and Friend to the tape in the openings.
  • Insert the tiny negative white loop pieces to fill in the words.
  • Attach the scalloped layer to the card base using strips of mounting tape.
  • Cut the tiny flowers and form the tiny flowers using a small tipped stylus. 
  • Use green cardstock to cut the stems, cut a few small leaves and attach them to a few key spots on the words using glossy accents.
  • Finish by attaching the tiny flowers to the green leaves using glossy accents.

die cut words and phrases can make a whole card like this one of four different quick and easy handmade greeting cards shared today

Happy Spring

For this card I cut the white layer using the shadow die cut and inserted it back in the opening. .

  • Cut the Spring shadow piece out of the white scalloped layer, turn the white face down, apply double stick tape to the opening and secure the shadow back in place.
  • Stamp the Happy word on the white layer using black ink.
  • Cut the Spring word using yellow cardstock and attach it to the shadow using glossy accents.
  • Cut the tiny flowers and leaves and secure in place using glossy accents.  Note:  I used different pastel colored flowers to add a an additional springy touch.

die cut words and phrases from Rubbernecker were used with just one stamp and some tiny details to create this one of four quick and easy handmade greeting cards

One of four quick and easy handmade greeting cards made using die cut words and phrases from Rubbernecker

Happy For You and Happy Birthday

For both of these cards I popped the shadow pieces up using mounting tape.

  • Cut the shadow sections using white cardstock and the script words using colored cardstock.
  • Attach the script words using glossy accents.
  • Pop the shadow and words up on the card bases using mounting tape.
  • Finish both cards with the tiny flowers and leaves.

I have to say that when Rubbernecker creates die cut words and phrases, I jump on them! When I last checked there were five of our original die cut words and phrases still at 50% off in the Spring DeStash Sale so you can grab those plus the new ones shown here and create an entire card design around nothing more than these fabulous die cut words combined with just a few detail touches.  


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Rubbernecker creates lovely die cut words and phrases