We decorated our house for Christmas today.  I thought of my parents the whole time. My mother was a florist and I used to love to work with her in the shop and learned so much from her.  My favorite time of year was Christmas and mother’s shop was always filled with fresh pine and poinsettia’s and arrangements galore. Although it was always beautiful, it was a time that my parents worked especially hard to keep up with the demand of the holiday.

I have always been most fond of more natural decorations.  I’ve never been a gold and silver kind of girl.  Christmas to me is greenery, berries, pine cones and red ribbon.  As I made my entertainment center arrangement and a hanging can arrangement this morning I thought of mother and how she would have loved what I had made. I wanted to share them with you. I hope you don’t mind that I took a break from cards to share these meaningful pieces with you.

Entertainment_center_4 Entertainment_center_close_up_2 Christmas_arrangement_2 Christmas_arrangment_close_up_2