No stamping today!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wah!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve spent the better part of today cleaning and reorganizing my stamping space.  Ugh!  What a job.  My husband was horrified that I put a picture of my room up on the blog last week.  Hey…he just doesn’t understand that all stampers have times that their work area is terrible.  Mine is more often than not but at least I got to it.  I would always choose to stamp rather than clean….how about you? I have lots of new items listed in my sales pages. There are several wheels listed and ten non SU sets. There is especially lots in the accessories and I have brand new items that I haven’t even taken out of the package listed.  You know….stuff I just had to have and then didn’t use.  It is a sickness.  Anyway, I am going to post a new picture of my room.  It isn’t perfect but at least you can see the counter tops and work area.  You will be able to tell that some work has been done.  I hope you all have a great week.  Please let me know if you are interested in any of my stuff.