Kittie Kits “Cause a Scene” Release- A Rubbernecker Stamps Exclusive

Today is a proud day for me!!!!!  Kittie Kits “Cause a Scene” is being released exclusively on Rubbernecker Stamps .  I am so excited to present two original landscaping image sets that will allow others to create their own wonderful “Scene Cards”. 

I started having fun creating and uploading my own scene cards on Splitcoaststampers a couple of years ago.  I had never drawn anything in my life with the exception of a few stick men, but found I wanted to add a tree or fence to a stamped focal image and create a little scene. There are lots of trees and fence images on the market but not ones that may work perfectly with the focal image I was using at the time. So out of necessity I drew my own. Little did I know that all my experimenting would turn into a “scene” technique referred to on Splitcoaststampers as “Kittie Cards”.  I was totally thrilled and shocked in March 2007 when Beth, Showmestamper uploaded  the Monday “Technique Lover’s Challenge” to create Kittie Cards.  WooHoo!  I knew I could play in that challenge.  The response that day was overwhelming to me.  As time passed I started getting requests from SCS members asking me for instructions on creating scene cards.  They wanted to know everything from the watercoloring technique to how to sketch in an image. I so loved helping others learn and to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment from learning and creating something new. My own personal sense of accomplishment has been such a joy and pleasure to me. 

It was exactly one year ago this very week that Sherry (BadSherry) and Jeanne S came to visit me while in Orlando to attend the Orlando Stamp Fest with Kim and MFTstamps. As we sat on my back porch visiting, the girls suggested I should try my hand at doing a set of landscaping images and possibly tutorials to accompany them. They thought SCSmembers would love to have them. I have to admit that I would not have thought of doing this on my own, and thanks to Sherry and Jeanne a dream was born. It is because of their ongoing encouragement that I decided to try. I love them both so very much for it. 

Dave Miller of Rubbernecker Stamps graciously accepted the task of exclusively producing my images. Kittie Kits originals are landscaping images created in various sizes to work with many sizes of focal images. Dave and his son, Rob worked tirelessly with me not only to create Kittie Kits original sets but to also resize many of my favorite “Rubbernecker images” into accompanying “Kittie Kits” sets. You can go to town and “Cause a Scene”. Keep an eye out on Rubbernecker Stamps because soon I will start uploading YouTube step by step tutorials and the techniques involved in watercoloring, masking, and sponging.

Landscape Master

 In My GardenOn the RanchThe Moose is Loose

Kittie Kits “Cause a Scene” Outdoor Landscape Master

In My Garden

On the Ranch

The Moose is Loose

Beach MAster

Day At BeachFun in the SunWhat

Kittie Kits “Cause a Scene” Beach Master

Day at the Beach

Fun in the Sun

What’s for Lunch

I’ve uploaded several cards this week using lots of my new images.  No one really noticed as they looked just the all the cards I’ve produced over the last couple of years.  That gave me a chuckle.  I was dropping hints but not many were noticing.  I created this card for my release article as it is truly represents what Kittie Kits is all about to me.  I love outdoor garden scenes and the garden cart, pots and watering cans are perfect focal images to use my trees and fence.  Did you happen to notice I drew out my own mini fern image?  All of you who missed the opportunity to get the SU Watercolor Mini Fern image before the set retired can now have mine to work with.  You will also notice there are lots of other little sprigs, weeds, leaves and flowers that work beautifully into scenes to create lush background.  I am in heaven!!!!!…… own “Kittie Kit” heaven. If you dream….you can achieve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KC Kittie Kit In My Garden



Stamps:  Kittie Kits- Cause a Scene, Rubbernecker In My Garden

Paper:  Olive, Rose, Watercolor

Ink:  Black Versafine, Rose, Red, Olive, Rust, Mustard, Yellow, Carmel

Accessories:  Watercolor Brushes, Sponges, Daubers, Glue Dots, Mounting Tape, Red, Rose and Olive Markers

Rubbernecker Bucks winner is comment number 17: Congratulations to Morrisa Sweeney

I am so glad that I finally ran across your blog. I have always been a fan of your work! I will definitely be checking back regularly.

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  1. WOOOO WHOOOO KITTIE! Congratulations! These stamps are amazing! And, you say we get Tube videos to boot! This is just wonderful. I guess I’m going to be shopping today!

  2. WHOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!!!! OH Kittie!!!!!! I am SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!
    CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~GREAT BIG HUGE HUG!!!!!!!!!!!~

  3. Congrats Kittie! I didn’t notice the mini fern at first. What caught my eye right away is the trees that I can’t draw worth beans and the fence. Yippee! Now my scene cards don’t have to suck with my drawings. Oh an you have a lighthouse in one of them! Awesome!

  4. This is just wonderful news Kittie. I’m so happy for you, and for the rest of us who get to learn from you! and videos with step by step directions from the master herself?! Get outta town! Congratulations!

  5. Oh Kittie – I am so excited for you. I remember you asking whether people would be interested in something like this quite a while ago and I know I said I’d wanted this – so I am going over right now to RN and getting some! Congrats to you! That is so cool about Sherry and Jeanne encouraging you and being there with you on this endeavor. You all rock!! Big hugs, Harriet

  6. Do you know that I still have your pm from WAAAAAAY back when (omg….well over a year ago!!(is it close to two now? I need to check!) describing how you watercolor? I’m like a proud mama here…..CONGRATS! My friend!! (after vacation I’m going to make Dave a rich man bwhahaaaaa!!! would hate for those babies to sit on my porch for a week!!)


  8. Congratulations on your latest stamp line. All of your sets look like so much fun to work with! I love all of the sets, but that On the Ranch set I think will be my first purchase!

  9. This is TOTALLY awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud and happy for you, Kittie!!!!!!!!!!!! These look like some wonderful and amazing scenery sets – I’m loving the wheelbarrow and pots of flowers and the trees and grass – heck, I love it all! Congratulations, Kittie!!!!!!!!!

  10. A HUGE congratulations, Kittie!! You definitely have ‘made your mark’ in the stamping world….and your new stamps are fantastic!!! I am sooooo thrilled for you!!!! Hugs!!!!

  11. Congratulations Kittie! I noticed the new sets on Rubbernecker site yesterday and wondered how I missed the announcement of them — I guess I was just a bit ahead of things! Your kits look fabulous and I can’t wait to see you “you tube” tutorials. What great fun!

  12. Kittie, I have been waiting for so long to see these kits! You have not disappointed us! These are absolutely fantastic! I’m so thrilled for you, you are gifted and continually brings smiles with your very giving nature and beautiful art! I will be purchasing these kits and plan to create some of my own masterpieces or should I say Kittiepieces! Hugs girl, I’m so proud of you!

  13. Yeehaw, way to go Ms. Kittie! I’m still grinning from ear to ear with excitement for you! And that Jeanne and Sherry were in on the original plan makes it even more exciting. What vision you gals have.
    Got my first order placed this morning and can’t wait for them to ship. Now I find that you’re going to be showing us how to CASE you via You-Tube! Can’t wait for that!
    CONGRATS gal–you deserve it.
    Big hugs to you.

  14. Congratulations Kitty. I think this is a great idea and I look forward to seeing all kinds of lovely cards made using them.

  15. Congratulations! You are an amazing talent. I’m really excited to get my first stamp set. You have inspired me from the first moment I saw your work. Anxiously awaiting the YouTube tutorials!!

  16. You stinker! What an incredibly well kept secret! I can’t wait to order my sets — of course I’m starting with the beach! 🙂 XOXO, Mary

  17. If anybody can create “A SCENE” — it’s Kittie (hehe)! Congrats — always love your cards! too bad I don’t live near Orlando
    :o( Enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Congrats and how exciting all this must be for you, and now we have a chance to try your scene’s, what great inspiration you have given us! Thanks! Love your little scene, just darling!

  19. wow these are super cool thank you so much. when i saw your banner i thought for sure you drew everything! cant wait to pick up these sets and get them all inky! looking forward to the u tube videos.
    thanks again


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