This is my fourth Papertrey Home Made house gift box.  I am making them to sell at my work to raise money for our Adopt-a-Family project. I seem to add more stuff on each house and this time I added a fence from Board and Beams and I love this new element.  

KC Home Made 4a

All the elements were stamped with black craft ink and embossed with clear embossing powder.  The images would be much sharper if embossed with black embossing powder but I hate how messy it is to work with. If you look close to the window on your left you can see a Christmas tree in the window.  It shows much better in real life than in the photo. I stamped the tree and then stamped the window image right over it with black craft ink and embossed with clear embossing powder.  The green ink was wet enough to hold the powder for embossing and that protected the ink  from running when I painted in the window with yellow the look of night light.

KC Home Made 4

I painted Mod Podge on all the dormers and window elements and attached to the house.  All the bows and evergreen are attached with glue dots as the Mod Podge doesn’t like sticking to the embossing on the windows too well.  It works like cement though when attaching cardstock to cardstock. The evergreens were made with a Martha Stewart punch.

I stamped a continuous line of fence with black craft ink and embossed with clear embossing powder. I used a black glaze pen to fill in each fence post to make it look like an iron fence.  I painted the bottom of the fence with white craft ink and embossed with white powder to create a snowy ground and put the same treatment on the bottom of the front door.

KC Home Made 4b

Back View

The snow on the roof is a combination of Sparkly Fluff and Flower Soft.  I painted Mod Podge on the roof with a brush (small areas at a time) and applied the Sparkly Fluff. After it dried I painted a little more Mod Podge to areas and added a the Flower Soft for a softer snowy look.  I used a double layer of mounting tape to attach the fence so it would stand away from the house a little and to add dimension. The shutters being left free add another element of dimension.

I hope you have a good week. 

Stamps:  Papertrey Home Made, Board and Beams     Paper:  Red, Olive, White    Ink:  Black and White Craft, Peeled Paint, Lemonade    Accessories:  Martha Stewart Punch, Paper Trey Home Made Template, Clear and White Embossing Powder, Mod Podge, Flower Soft, Sparkly Fluff, Brushes, Black Glaze Pen, Brushes, Glue Dots, Mounting Tape, Gingham, Bone Folder, Snips,