Mother’s Day Lily and Tutorial

Good Sunday morning and Happy Mother’s Day.  I was thinking so much of my mother this morning as I made my floral Mother’s Day card. She was a florist and loved flowers and was such a talented and creative designer.  She passed on her love of flowers to me and I have turned my passion to attempting to create the most lifelike paper flowers I can.

Nelle Rogers During War

My dad carried this picture of my mother with him all through his time overseas while in the navy during World War II.  Wasn’t she beautiful!! I miss you mom and you are always in my heart.

KC MFT Lily left

My favorite Things has released a wonderful new  Lily set and it may be my new favorite flower. I had lots of fun making this project and thought while I was at it I would take the time to take step by step photos to show you how I made the flowers.  I think they look real even if I do say so myself.  LOL!


Cut the flowers using white cardstock and use a mini applicator to apply PanPastel.


Apply the freckle marks that lilies are known for with a marker (I used a Copic)


Turn the flower face down and push down with the stylus into the molding pad to roll the petals back.


Turn the flower face up and push down in the center with the smaller stylus to turn the petals up.


Apply glossy accents to the bottom flower section.


Insert the top flower section to the bottom section offsetting the petals.


Apply color to the tips of the stamen.


Secure the stamen with tweezers.


Roll the stamen around the tip of the tweezers and apply glossy accents in the curl.


Turn and roll the stamen around the tip of the tweezers again, hold in place for a second and then pull off the tweezers. 11

Apply glossy accents in the flower center.


Set the stamen in the center of the flower with tweezers and hold in place for a minute until it is dry enough to stand on it’s own.


I love how this turned out.

KC MFT Lily close

Here’s a closer view of the three flowers on my project.

KC MFT Lily 1 center

An all white background allows the lilies to be the real star of the card.  Even the sentiment tag in white allows the sentiment to be featured without detracting from the lilies.

KC MFT Lily right

I hope someone is pampering you and that you are enjoying your Mother’s Day.  Thanks for stopping by.

Check out the Mother’s Day Sale at Ellen Hutson’s  Note the discount code is momsday14

Card Size:  5.50” x 4.25”

22 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Lily and Tutorial”

  1. I love it. Day lilies are gorgeous. (Can’t be around the real ones because of allergies but I can sure enjoy the paper ones. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  2. Beautiful Lilies Kittie. Happy Mothers Day to you. You sure are a likeness of your mother and Im sure she is proud of how beautifully you create your paper flowers. Gorgeous card.

  3. Such a lovely card, Kittie and I am sure your mum would have loved it too. I have made a few lilies out of card and they do always look impressive.

  4. Good Afternoon, Kittie, Happy Mother’s Day. She was certainly beautiful an, you can see the love and kindness, in her eyes an face. you were blessed having her. and I think she would be very proud of your ability to create such beautiful flowers, lovely arrangements, and beautiful centimeters to accent.
    She blessed others as a florist, you bless us as an artist creating flowers, and your fantastic cards. …….have a wonderful day, and thanks so much for tutorial to bless and inspire us. A present for my Mother’s Day.

  5. Kittie – Happy Mother’s Day -what a treat to have you send us all a wonderful tutorial honoring your mother! I know from past posts that she was a source of inspiration for you! How wonderful to have a mom that nurtured that in you!

  6. Kittie, first, your mom was very pretty…. and your story explains where all of your creativity comes from….
    Second, this is absolutely beautiful….I love everything about it…. Another card for me to try to make…. My drug of choice is ink…. lol.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  7. gorgeous card – i love that die set too – think it will be a must buy soon! your mom was so pretty – i can see her in your picture! HMD!

  8. I SO love lilies! I love their elegance, their scent, the longevity of the amazing blooms. Your tutorial makes this art appear to be SO easy … but I know you & your patience … and that is a part of the beauty of your creations!

  9. Beautiful picture of your Mother, Kittie. You look so much like her! You certainly have her happy smile. 🙂 Pretty card! The lilies are so life-like. This is a great MFT die. I think their best flower die to date. Happy Day!

  10. Your paper lilies are stunning. They look like Stargazer lilies. And you look just like your Mother , Beautiful. Hope your Mother’s Day was lovely, too.

  11. Oh my goodness, they DO look REAL!! Even the texture is there, it’s remarkable!
    I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Your Mom was a beauty, no doubt! I too miss my mother on this day. I wish we could have had them a bit longer!

  12. Kittie, your card is wonderful! The lilies are beautiful! Now I know why you have a passion for flowers! Your mother was beautiful!
    In France, Mother’s Day is May 25. Have a great week!

  13. Looks like you picked the lilies were picked from your yard…amazing Kittie…You are your mother’s child and yes…she is lovely.
    I am grateful to her for inspiring you with all your beautiful talent and love for flowers that you share with so many of us with your cards. Happy Day.

  14. Wow the lilies are gorgeous. They look real. The card is beautiful. Your Mom is very beautiful, I think you look a lot like her. It is so wonderful that she nurtured your creativity and the artist in you. My mom nurtured my creativity when I was a girl too. I do that for my grandchildren, they always want me to bring craft supplies when I visit. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous card. I hope your Mother’s day was very special.
    Jacquelene L

  15. When I saw your lilies, I knew I just HAD to have that die set! It came in the mail today and I am having SO much fun making lilies! Thanx so much for the great tutorial too. You made it so easy to make them, and they are beautiful!


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