Rustic Window, Vining Flowers and Kitty Cats

Good Sunday morning.  I have a rustic window scene to share with you today filled with lots of vines, tiny flowers and kitty cats.  

KC Impression Obsession Window with Shutter 2 left

The background card base was made using kraft cardstock.  I scored the wood lines every 1/2 inch and then moved the paper over about 1/16th of an inch and scored every 1/2 inch again.  I thought the double scored lines would look more like real wood planks.  I applied brown ink with a stylus and foam tip and then used a mini applicator to add more ink to the lines.  I finished by lightly rubbing the ink pad directly over the paper to add more texture for the wood.  I applied ink to another piece of kraft cardstock and then used it cut the window.  I lightly sanded both the window and background with a sanding block to add a distressed appearance.

KC Impression Obsession Window with Shutter 2 close 2

I the cut the opening for the window with my craft knife and attached the window over the opening with mounting tape.  I cut an additional window and placed it over the opening on the inside to cover the raw edges of the opening.  

KC Impression Obsession Window with Shutter 2 center

The grass border was attached to the card base with thin strips of mounting tape. I cut several of the vines and attached one to the window with glossy accents and small rolled up glue dots.  I cut the other vines apart and attached the tiny red flowers to the vines with glossy accents.  I arranged the vine pieces in behind the grass to appear like the plant base for the vine trailing over the window. I added several of the tiny flowers around the window vine. 

KC Impression Obsession Window with Shutter 2 close

The cats were colored with a black marker and tucked into the scene and attached with mounting tape for the finishing touch.

 KC Impression Obsession Window with Shutter 2 right

Thanks for coming by today and I hope you have a great Sunday.

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”

12 thoughts on “Rustic Window, Vining Flowers and Kitty Cats”

  1. Kittie, this is such a darling idea…. I love the rustic look and your kitty’s are amazing… I love how you’ve colored them. Do I ask who your model was… lol. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity….

  2. Love the wood effect along with the darling window. The ivy looks perfect growing and trailing and those kitties are too cute. Another lovely card.

  3. Good Morning, Kittie.. Happy week-end. Beautiful rustic scene. And those white cats catch your eye with extra joy. Lots of work done on a wonderful scene, a homey feeling all around. inspired….. LOL

  4. Boy have I missed you….looks like you have been busy creating this new site here…very nice.
    Of course I always love your wndow creations and naturally the kittens.. Been waiting to see what you will do with the new Spring MB dies…always giving us the greatest inspriations…


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