Falling Leaves

Good Monday morning.  Fall is not in the air here in Florida and it is hot, hot hot!  But I couldn’t resist pulling out some of my fall dies to make a simple white framed falling leaves scene.

KC Impression Obsession Tree Frame 11 right

I cut the tree using kraft cardstock, applied brown ink and attached it along with the grass to the back of the white frame.  The frame was attached to the card base with mounting tape.  The rake was colored with markers and then I applied versa and embossed with clear embossing powder to add a little shine.

KC Impression Obsession Tree Frame 11 center

I applied green, orange, rust and red ink to a small piece of cardstock using mini applicators, mixing the inks to create variegated colors for the leaves.  I applied versa and embossed the whole piece of cardstock with clear embossing powder and heated.  I cut out a couple sections of leaves, formed then lightly with my stylus and molding pad and attached to the tree branches and ground area.  I attached the rake with glue dots and attached a few leaves around the base of the rake.  I liked having them popped out on the white frame. 

KC Impression Obsession Tree Frame 11 left

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week.

Card size:  5.50” 4.25”

12 thoughts on “Falling Leaves”

  1. wow, another card I love…. I leaves look real, albeit a bit smaller than mine… lol. As hot as it’s been here, it’s nice to see the Fall card cuz I know the cooler weather is coming, eventually… Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity

  2. Very nice fall card Kittie…Ha! was going to say the same as Cookie…about Fall is looking good given the hot weather.
    Fall is my favorite time of year and this card makes me smile…your leaves always look so real as do your flowers.
    Hope you have a breather with the weather today.

  3. Good afternoon, Kittie. I needed to see this fall card. It is so hot here in Texas. I love fall and spring. both have so many colors to brighten your day. Love to walk outside during these times of years. Inhaling the beauty.
    Love the rake coming out of the frame. beautifully done…..have a good day.

  4. Love the fall leaves and tree. I also love spring and fall because of all the colors it brings.
    While I do love snow scene cards also its really not the snow itself I love nor the cold lol.

  5. Another beautiful card Kittie. Wonderful colouring – so true to life. The rake was a brilliant idea.
    I don’t know how you keep coming up with such wonderful diverse selection of cards – but, THANK YOU.

  6. Geesh … have you ever made a card that I didn’t absolutely love? You are SUCH AN INSPIRATION … and I am doubly excited because I own all of the supplies you used after being inspired by you previously. LOL
    I do want to thank you for using the same dies numerous times. It helps me justify all of these purchases … because I have different ways to use them. 🙂


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