Double Framed Hydrangea

Good Monday morning.  As I browsed through the CLEARANCE Sale at Ellen Hutson yesterday morning I saw the Marianne Designs Oval Frame on sale for 50% off.  I really like the frame and thought I would use it along with the Marianne Designs Petra’s Large Ovals to create a double layered decorative frame. I knew I wanted to put a flower inside the frame so I pulled out both of Susan’s Hydrangea and Hydrangea 2 sets and combined the small and large petals from both sets to create my flower.

KC Elizabeth Craft Susan  Hydrangea 1 right

I cut the larger rectangle layer and attached it to the card base with mounting tape.  I applied mounting tape to the back of the frame and attached a piece of white cardstock to the back.  I applied ATG adhesive to the back of the frame section and attached it to the purple layer.

KC Elizabeth Craft Susan  Hydrangea 1 center

I cut the leaves and base from the small hydrangea set to use as the base for my flower and cut petals from both sets.  I hand cut a tiny green circle about half the size of the flower base to use as a platform  to add height in the center for assembling the flower and attached it with a piece of mounting tape.  Check out my Hydrangea tutorial if you would like to see photos of how I add height and roundness to my hydrangea.  The tutorial shows the use of several layers of platforms but I only used one on my project today.

KC Elizabeth Craft Susan  Hydrangea 1 close 

I formed both the large and small petals using my stylus and molding pad started assembling the flower by placing the large blossoms around the outer lower base using glossy accents.  I worked my around the lower base and then added petals in the center.  When I completed adding the large petals I attached the tiny petals in the centers of all the large and attached with glossy accents.  I liked the look of both size petals together.  I attached the flower and stem to the card base with glossy accents and then tucked the formed leaves in under the flower and attached with glossy accents.  I added two thin cardstock strips coming out from under the flower to look like ribbon streamers.

KC Elizabeth Craft Susan  Hydrangea 1 left

Thanks for coming by today and I hope you have a great week.

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”

14 thoughts on “Double Framed Hydrangea”

  1. Kittie, this is really GORGEOUS!!
    Sooooo elegant and sweet… A wonderful combination of the two frame dies, color and the sooooo beautiful Hydrangea.
    Kittie, I also have the two Marianne frame dies, but I have never thought to use them together.
    BIG THANKS for your GREAT idea and this wonderful inspiration.
    Hugs, Eva.

  2. So lovely….your favorite color….the lavender and white…so crisp….and although you are looking like Spring here…the temps outside this morning are saying differently….but keep the beauties coming Kittie…love them all

  3. Really pretty. I went through your tutorial…I love hydrangeas…and I have the punch and embossing folder you used there…I was stumped as to how to finish off a card I started over the weekend and I think this just might be the answer. Thanks so much. Stay warm…it’s pretty cold up here this morning….brrrr LOL

  4. In a word…. WOW!!! Kittie, you’ve done it again… such a stunning card…. and you have to have the patience of someone to make that gorgeous flower… Thank you for sharing your creativity

  5. WOW Kittie!!!! HOW GORGEOUS! It makes me think of CAMEOS & VINTAGE!!!! HOW BEAUTIFUL! Those framing dies just do the trick! This would make a FABULOUS WEDDING CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  6. Good Afternoon, Kittie. Sooo sooo elegant. I love the beautiful color, soft and delicate with the lace frame and wonderful flowers. Just a perfect card, even for Valentines, who says it has to be red. purple or lavender are royal colors; and this is royal……have a good day.


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