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Good Tuesday afternoon and Happy Fourth of July.  There is so much controversy in our country nowadays regarding the American Flag.  I usually never share my opinion on any political subject publically but I am proud to be an American and happily celebrate this holiday and our flag.  Anything less would be dishonoring all those that fought for our freedom and those especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.   My project was made using the Impression Obsession US Flag and Flag Banner.

 KC Impression Obsession US Flag 2 left

I took a few step by step shots of how I put this flag together.  There are lots of parts and pieces but it really isn’t hard at all.


I started by cutting a piece of printer paper the exact of the body of the flag and covered it with 1/2” double stick tape and one thin piece of 1/8” tape.


I removed the backing from the tape and attached the flag body to it.


I cut the flag again in red and attached the stripes.  The double stick tape holds the pieces perfectly in place.


I cut the blue star section and pushed out all the tiny stars. Next I attached the  double stick tape to the back.


I lined the white star section directly over top of the blue and held it firmly in place.  In the photo you see that most of the stars had already been removed.  I had forgotten to take a picture when I first started.


I used a stylus to push the stars out of the white and pushed down firmly to place the stars in the holes of the blue. I removed the back off the back of the blue star section and put it in place on the flag.

KC Impression Obsession US Flag 2 center

I had some left over banners from other projects and decided to add three of them to the base of the flag.  I just had to add one little white star on each one of them.

KC Impression Obsession US Flag 2 right

I love to celebrate the 4th with corn on the cob, hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, steaks and anything else you can cook on the grill.  No 4th celebration would be the same without a big juicy watermelon.  Thanks for stopping by  and I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks to all of you who left me comments about your favorite tutorial style.

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”