An Easy Stunning Card Background Design You Can Use Over and Over

As much as I love making cards that use the beauty of one shows topping element, I recognize that the card background design used can have a lot of impact on the overall final project. This one, with the overall lattice look in white layered over white, is one that I will be using over and over because, honestly, is this not SO pretty?  To make this card I used the Rubbernecker Kittie Says Friends, Slimline Circle Lattice, Nested Scallop w/ Half Holes, Nested Rectangle, Mixed Flower Stack, Organic Shapeable Daisy ( foliage), Large Ivy and Flower Buds.

A beautiful card background design of a white on white overall die cut set with a 3D paper flower, all made with dies from Rubbernecker

Cut the Card Base, Frame and Lattice Background

  • Use white cardstock to cute the A2 sized card base, and two 5.50″ x 4.25″ pieces of cardstock for the lattice background and frame.
  • Place one white layer on the cutting platform and cut the Nested Rectangle w/ Holes die.
  • Line up and secure the Nested Rectangle die on the rectangle and cut to create the frame.  Pro Tip: I used my magnetic platform to secure the rectangle die in place for an even border on all sides of the frame.
  • Place the second piece of cardstock on the cutting platform.
  • Line up the lattice circle die on the cardstock and run through the die cutting machine.


  • Line up the lattice circle die right along the edge of the first cut and run through the die cutting machine a second time.
  • Remove all the negative pieces from the lattice circle layer.

The Frame and Lattice Background

  • Trim the lattice circle layer to fit behind the eyelet frame.
  • Apply 1/8″ double stick tape to the back of the eyelet frame and attach the lattice circle layer.
  • Apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the frame and a few tiny square piece of mounting tape to a few key spots on the design and attach it to the card base.  Pro Tip:  securing small pieces of mounting tape to the die cut background will hold it up and keep it from collapsing down on the card base. 
  • Attach the frame and lattice circle layer to the card base.
  • Note:  I took the step by step photos after I created my card and rushed a little so the second cut didn’t line up as well as it did for my project.
  • Cut a strip of cardstock about 1.00″ x 4.00″ and place it on the cutting platform.
  • Line up the Nested Scallop die over the strip and run through the die cutting machine.
  • Stamp the sentiment, apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the strip and attach it to the frame.

The Flowers

  • Use bright pink cardstock to cut the Mixed Flower Stack and flower buds.  
  • Form the large flower by placing the pieces all face down on the molding pad and roll over the petals using a round stylus.
  • Turn the flower sections face up on the molding pad and push down in the centers using a small tipped stylus to push all the petals up.
  • Attach the flower sections together using glossy accents.  Make sure to offset the petals of each layer to create a natural looking flower.
  • Place the small flowers face up on the molding pad and form them using a small tipped stylus.


a card background design created by cutting card stock with a overall design die in white, layered on white, with a single flower made with dies, all from Rubbernecker

Complete the Floral Arrangement

  • Cut the ivy and large foliage sections using green cardstock, place the branches on the molding pad and gently form the leaves using the leaf tool. 
  • Attach the flower to the lattice background using a good amount of glossy accents.
  • Tuck the large foliage sections and ivy branches under the flower and attach using glossy accents.
  • Use glossy accents to attach the small flowers to the ivy branches.  
  • Attach a few tiny flowers to individual ivy leaves and attach one to the lattice circle and two the sentiment layer.

Check out my Lattice and Butterfly with Flowers card to see a project that I used the Circle Lattice die to create a similar background.

a white on white card background design made with dies from Rubbernecker decorated with a single paper flower made with a die set

Does this make you want to try experimenting with card background design using your dies? I would love to hear what you think!  

3327 Kittie Says Friends
[ RBB ]
5332-01D SLI Circle Lattice Die
[ RBB ]
5320D Nested Scallop w/ Half Holes
[ RBB ]
Nested Rectangle Die Cut Set 5003D
[ RBB ]
5309-10D Mixed Flower stack Die
[ RBB ]
5301-05D Organic Shapable Daisy Die
[ RBB ]
5162-02D Large Ivy
[ RBB ]
Flower Buds Die Cut 5147-09D
[ RBB ]
Versafine Clair Nocturne Pad
[ RBB ]
Paper Blossom Tool Kit 4/Pkg
[ RBB ]
Paper Blossoms Molding Mat
[ RBB ]
Glossy Accents .5oz
[ RBB ]
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider & Tape
[ RBB ]
Scor-Tape .125″X27yd
[ RBB ]
Crossover II Fabric & Paper Cutting…
[ RBB ]