Learn how to modify a box fold pop-up card with some easy tweaks to create a fun new project!

Once you learn how to modify a box fold pop-up card you can create all kinds of custom designs and configurations. Today I am sharing some fun PRO TIPS that can show you all kinds of fun ways to change up these premade templates for endless design ideas!  To make this card I used the Rubbernecker Large Garden Fence, Window 4 Pane, Borders #2,  Half Tree, Grass, Watering Cans, Garden Tools, Tall Terracotta Pots, Wide Terracotta Pots, Leaves and Greenery, Small Flowers #3, Tiny Leaves #2, Cats and Square Pop Up Box.

Learn how to modify a box fold pop up card made using a premade template and dies from Rubbernecker

Assemble the Box

  • Cut the front and side flaps off the square pop up box.  Pro Tip:  This is a pre made card from the Pop Up Box Kit.  It comes pre cut and pre scored and it’s  such a great time saver.
  • Cut the layering pieces. using light blue cardstock.
  •  2   7″ x 3 5/8″ layers  Note:  I cut taller background sections to accommodate the window. 
  •  1   3 5/8″ x 2 3/4″ layers
  •  2   1 7/8″ x 2 3/4″ layers
  • Cut several .1/2″ x 3 5/8″ strips of white cardstock to use as side on the inside back layer.
  • Attach the white siding strips to the inside blue layer using ATG adhesive. Note:  This step is not necessary but I liked having the inside wall look like the front of the house.
  • Attach the paper layers to the inside and outside card base using ATG adhesive.
  •  Apply 1/2″ double stick tape to the box tab, line it up and secure the box closed.

Check out my Pop Up Box Category to see lots of fun examples of how I made other boxes.

Attach the Fence and Grass

  • Cut 3 3 1/2 ” x 1 1/2 ” grass sections using green cardstock, attach them to the inner box tabs from the kit using double stick tape and attach them inside the box using 1/2″ double stick tape. Pro Tip:  The grass sections needed to be cut just a tad bit less wide than the outer layers to fit and fold inside the box. I attached them first before decorating the outside of the box.
  • Cut 1 3 5/8″ x 1″ grass layer for the front outside of the box and 2 1 7/8″ x 1″ grass layers for the outside of the box sides.
  • Use white cardstock to cut four fence sections.
  • Attach two fence sections together for the front of the box using glossy accents, trim off the side tabs and attach them to the front section using double stick tape.
  • Trim the side tabs off the two side fence sections and attach them using double stick tape.
  • Apply the three grass sections to the front and sides of the fence using double stick tape.


Come learn how to modify a box fold pop up card made using a premade template and some incredible card making dies from Rubbernecker

The Window 

  • Cut a pretty piece of designer paper to use as wallpaper inside the window. Pro Tip:  I always use small patterned papers inside the window.  Large patterns would overpower the window and would not look like authentic wallpaper looking into the window.  
  • Use white cardstock to cut the window.
  • Cut the window shade using white cardstock and the eyelet border die.
  • Crimp the shade using a crimper. Pro Tip:  I know many people think the crimper is just an old-fashioned tool from our beginning days of crafting but I still use mine all the time to add dimension to different die cut pieces.  I keep it in desk drawer right beside where I sit for easy access.  Dig yours out, dust it off and use it to add interest and dimension to your projects.
  • Attach strips of mounting tape to the back of the window and attach the shade.
  • Apply double stick tape to the back section of the shade and attach the designer paper to the tape and mounting tape strips.
  • Apply double stick tape to the back of the window and attach to the back wall of the box.

The Flower Box

  • Cut the window flower box using white cardstock and attach it to the window using a strip of mounting tape.
  • Use green cardstock to cut several sections of leaf branches.
  • Cut the smallest flower in the set to cut yellow and pink flowers and form them using the molding pad and small tipped stylus.
  • Attach the flowers to the leaf branches using glossy accents.
  • Tuck the leaf and flower branches behind the window box and attach using glossy accents.

 a peek at the inside of an amazingly detailed box fold pop up card created with dies from Rubbernecker

The Tree and Leaves

  • Cut two sections of the tree and attach them together using glossy accents. Pro Tip:  The tree needed to be double layered to make it sturdy enough to stand freely inside the box. A single layer tree is fine when attaching to the card base.
  • Use a wet baby wipe and brown ink to color the tree and dry ink with a heat gun. Pro Tip: The damp baby wipe dabbed in the brown ink is a fast and easy way to apply ink to the trunk and branches.
  • Cut several sections of the tiny leaves, form them using a molding pad and leaf tool.  
  • Pick up the leaves with tweezers and attach them to the branches using glossy accents.
  • Set the tree aside.

Baby Wipe Tree Inking

The Flower Fence Borders

  • Cut several sections of the large flower stems using green cardstock.
  • Use yellow and pink cardstock to cut the larger flowers and form them using a molding pad and small tipped stylus.
  • Attach the flowers to the stems using glossy accents.
  • Tuck the flowers and stems behind the grass and attach using glossy accents.

The Watering Can, Flower Pots and Garden Tools

  • Use gray cardstock to cut the watering can and bright yellow cardstock to cut the pots.
  • Apply rust colored ink to the watering can using a mini applicator. Note:  I intended the gray color to show thru the ink but I got a little carried away and it just looks brown.  LOL!  
  • Use bright yellow, rust and brown ink  and mini applicators to color the flower pots.  Check out my How to Color Die Cut Terracotta Pots video tutorial if you would like to see I add color and shade my pots. 
  • Assemble the pots 
  • Attach the watering can and pots to the grass layers using pieces of mounting tape.
  • Use gray cardstock to cut the garden tools, color the handles using a brown marker and add touches of rust using a mini applicator.
  • Attach the garden tools to the grass using touches of glossy accents.


this box fold pop up card includes incredible details like this tiny die cut cat in a tree all made using dies from Rubbernecker

Finish the Box with Tree and Cats

  • Apply 4 1 1/2″ sections of mounting tape together and attach to the front of the tree.
  • Tuck the tree inside the front layer of the box and attach.  Pro Tip:  I wanted the tree to appear as if it were growing inside the fence but not attached directly to it. Using the four layers of mounting tape allowed it to stand free and look more natural.
  • Cut the three cats using white cardstock.
  • Use a mini applicator and brown inks to create two Siamese cats.
  • Use a black marker to color spots on the third cat.
  • Attach the two Siamese cats to the window and fence using pieces of mounting tape and the black and white cat to the tree limb using glossy accents.  Pro Tip:  I used the brown Siamese cats in front of the window and fence so they would show up well against the white background.  The black cat was used in the tree so it would show up well against the brown limb color. Paying attention to these little details can make a real difference on your projects.

Today's post will help you learn how to modify a box fold pop up card with custom tweaks and loads of detail thanks to dies from Rubbernecker

Don’t ever be afraid to play around with the different parts and pieces of these box fold pop-up card premade templates. As long as the card still “works” you can do anything you want to it to make it truly YOUR design! Have fun!

Square Pop-Up Box Card kit
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5401-02D Large Garden Fence Die
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5403D Half Tree Die
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5157D window 4 pane
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5160-02D Borders #2
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5401-01D Watering Cans Dies
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Tabed Grass Set Die Cut 5152-03D
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5309-07D Garden Tools Die
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5309-04D Leaves and Greenery Die
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5309-09D Small Flowers #3
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5334-02D Tiny Leaves #2 Die
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Wide Terracotta Pot Die Cut 5147-17D
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