A Pretty Summer Side Step Card

This summer side step card is loaded with fun details!

Since we are all starting to enjoy the warm weather, I figured this was the perfect time to make a summer side step card using some of the dies from the  Kittie Kraft by Rubbernecker collection.  For this project I threw in everything but the kitchen sink.  I used the Large Garden Fence, Half Tree, Beach Chairs, Gentian and Stems, Buchnera and Stems, Tulips and Stems, Tiny Flower Buds, Flower Stems, Grass, Small Birds and Tiny Leaves #2

Leafy trees, flowers and tiny birds make up the seasonal celebration on this summer side step card

Summer Side Step Card Base, Fence and Grass

I know a card like this may seem daunting because there are so many die cuts used to create the scene.  But if you break the scene down into smaller steps it really is very easy.

  • Pull out the premade card, fold all the steps at the pre scored lines and used use your bone folder to crisp the folds.
  • Cut a blue layer to fit on the right back step to use to create the background for the tree.
  • Use blue cardstock to cover the right front and attach it using ATG adhesive.
  • Attach the right side background layer to the back step using double stick tape.
  • Use green cardstock to cut several grass sections to fit across the front card section and to the steps.
  • Use white cardstock to cut several fence sections and attach them together to fit across the front of the card and back step using glossy accents.
  • Attach one grass sections to the card front using ATG adhesive.
  • Use ATG adhesive to attach the fence bottom flat to the front grass layer and tiny pop dots to the back of the top pickets to the front layer.
  • Attach the back step fence to the blue layer using ATG adhesive and tiny pop dots.
  • Use ATG adhesive to attach a grass layer to the middle step and to the back fence section.

a summer side step card loaded with details like tiny birds, lots of flowers and fresh greens all made with dies from Kittie Kraft by Rubbernecker

The Trees

I used a wet baby wipe to apply color because of the twiggy branches.  The baby wipe dipped in brown ink makes it so much easier to apply the ink to the trunk and all the branches rather than trying to color them with a marker or painting with a brush.  

  • Cut the trees using Kraft cardstock.  Note:  you can white or cream cardstock for the trees but I just happen to like the look of Kraft after color has been added.  It’s just my preference.
  • Use a folded wet baby wipe to apply brown ink to the trunks and branches of the trees and dry with a heat gun.  Pro Tip:  I heat dried the trees to make it easier to attach the leaves.  Adhesives don’t stick well on damp cardstock.

Baby Wipe Tree Inking

  • Cut the branches off of one of the trees to use on the back step and reattach them to the left side of the tree using glossy accents.  Pro Tip:  Don’t be afraid to modify die cuts to fit the space you want to use them in.  I modified the back tree and you can’t tell even close up in person.
  • Cut several sections of the tiny leaves using green cardstock, place them face up on the molding pad and form them using a leaf tool.
  •  Use glossy accents to attach the leaves to the branches.
  • Apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the tree trunks, tuck them in behind the fence sections and attach to both sides of the card.  Note:  I should have cut off the longest branch on the front tree and reattached it back on the tree further up on the trunk.  It blocks the view of the back of the card when looking straight on.

The Flowers 

  • Use three different colors of cardstock to cut the large flowers and green cardstock to cut the stems.
  • Assemble the flower sections and attach them together using glossy accents.  Note:  You can see how I assemble and attach the flowers together on my How to Make Paper Flowers Video.
  • Tuck the flowers and stems in behind the grass layers along the fence sections and attach using glossy accents.
  • Cut tiny flowers using a forth color, place them face up on the molding pad and form them using a small tipped stylus.
  • Use green cardstock to cut the flower stems.
  • Attach the tiny flowers to the stems using glossy accents.
  • Tuck the flower stems in behind the grass and in between the large flowers and attach them using glossy accents.

SO many details made with dies from Rubbernecker load up with handmade summer side step card

Finish the Summer Side Step Card 

  • Use white cardstock to cut the Adirondack chair and attach it to the middle step section using mounting tape.
  • Use blue and brown cardstock to cut the birdhouse, attach the pieces together using glossy accents and attach it to the card front using mounting tape.
  • Attach a few tiny leaves and flowers to the birdhouse using glossy accents. 
  • Cut a few small birds, color their beaks using a black marker and attach them to the tree branches and front grass using tiny pop dots.

and up close look at the beautiful layers created on this summer side step card featuring elements made using dies from Rubbernecker

Here are the items you will want to grab from the store or pull out of your stash to create your own version of summer side step card:

5403D Half Tree Die
[ RBB ]
5401-02D Large Garden Fence Die
[ RBB ]
5159D beach chairs
[ RBB ]
Bird House Die Cut 5147-11D
[ RBB ]
5402-02D Gentian and Stems Die
[ RBB ]
5402-03D Buchnera and Stems Die
[ RBB ]
5402-01D Tulips and Stems Die
[ RBB ]
Tiny Flower Buds Die Cut 5147-10D
[ RBB ]
Flower Stems Die 5147-05D
[ RBB ]
Tabed Grass Set Die Cut 5152-03D
[ RBB ]
Small Birds Die 5147-06D
[ RBB ]
5334-02D Tiny Leaves #2 Die
[ RBB ]
Color Fuse Set #3
[ RBB ]
PanPastel Sofft Applicators 12/Pkg
[ RBB ]
Glossy Accents .5oz
[ RBB ]
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider & Tape
[ RBB ]
Scor-Tape .125″X27yd
[ RBB ]
Crossover II Fabric & Paper Cutting…
[ RBB ]


I hope this inspires you to try out making a summer side step card to celebrate all the things that make this season so fresh and pretty! Don’t forget to use those handy premade templates to save time!

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  1. Oh wow Kittie you did a fabulous job on this scene, makes me want to walk right into it, love the half trees for this style card, Gorgeous!


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