Kittie Caracciolo LIVE at Orlando Scrapbook 2023

Did you hear the news? Come see me, Kittie Caracciolo LIVE at Orlando Scrapbook 2023!

Today I finally got word that the plans for a Kittie Caracciolo LIVE at Orlando Scrapbook 2023 class has been approved and opened for registration. I am SO excited to be able to get in front of some card makers and share some fabulous tips and tricks and make some cards with everyone!

You can go RIGHT HERE to register for either the Friday or Saturday class where you will be make cards for each season. And I will share that in the past, when I have taught a live class, the spaces fill up SUPER FAST so if this is something you know you want to do, be sure to register as soon as you can because we cannot add seats and we will not be able to add another session.

Something that there wasn’t space to share in the description in the Expo program is that this class is very interactive and will be pretty fast paced. Attendees will get hands on experience coloring and shading the images like the watering can, deer, etc.  Attendees will also learn not just how to form the tiny flowers but will also learn how to create the small bouquet.  I will also be taking people through how to add depth and dimension by adding layers on top each other like in the deer card.  So there will be lots of fun things to do and you will leave not just with these four fun cards but the knowledge and experience to reproduce these mini skills later on your own designs.

Here’s the Spring card:

The serene Winter card:

Deer Class Card

A fun Summer Card:

Crafty Class Card

And a classic Autumn card:

You got the first scoop HERE about the whole Kittie Caracciolo LIVE at Orlando Scrapbook 2023 buzz so sign up now, get ready to have a seriously fun time and come say Hi when you are there so we can be all excited about being fellow card making fans!

5 thoughts on “Kittie Caracciolo LIVE at Orlando Scrapbook 2023”

  1. Any chance you’ll be at the Scrapbook Expo in Schaumburg in August? I loved meeting you there a number of years ago but taking a class with you would be amazing!

    • Thank you for asking. I am so sorry but I am not traveling for the shows this year. I am only teaching at the Orlando show because I live in the Orlando area.


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