Orlando Scrapbook Expo Class Registration Now Open

Today is the day – Orlando Scrapbook Expo Classes with Kittie Caracciolo are open for registration!

Today registrations for the class I am giving at the Orlando Scrapbook Expo May 19th and 20th are now open. Experience has told us that when I have taught a live class, the spaces fill up SUPER FAST! If you know this is something you want to do, please please make sure you sign up as soon as possible. We have already been informed that we will not be allowed to add seats so grab yours while it is available!

You can go RIGHT HERE to register for either the Friday or Saturday class. As a reminder, here are the four cards we will make together where I will share some of my most asked about tips and tricks for adding detail to our craft.

Here’s the Spring card:

The serene Winter card:

Deer Class Card

A fun Summer Card:

Crafty Class Card

And a classic Autumn card:

I am really excited about being there to host these two classes and share some of the fun things I have learned. If you want to join us, be sure to get on over there ASAP and sign up before they close the registration for being full. See you there!

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  1. I wish I was in Florida! I used to spend at least an hour watching you demonstrate and create at the Rubbernecker booth at the California SSBExpos. Taking a class from you would be the best. Congratulations to all your Orlando students who will get to do that.


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