Make a Wreath of Die Cut Paper Flowers On a Card

Learn how to make this deceptively simple wreath of die cut paper flowers and use it on a spectacular card.

In this post, I shared how I made a wreath of die cut paper flowers in an assortment of colors. Today I am using that lovely lilac shade for the blossoms and the background for a monochromatic card that I just love. The color is so calming and soothing but also has enough “pretty” to it to make the card ideal for so many different occasions. I used the same Stackable Flowers and Leaves #3 die for the blossoms, the Large Ivy  for the greenery, the ring from the Wreath Set as my base and then the Nested Rectangles, die set for the layers and my Kittie Says Friends for the sentiment, all of course from Rubbernecker.

A wreath of die cut paper flowers in a lovely lilac are the only decoration needed on this handmade all occasion greeting card.

The only “effort” that goes into the making of this card is the shaping of the flowers and the ivy but this is so easy to do that you actually can make this card very quickly. And to be honest, the more lush you make your greenery, the less precise you have to be with placement so this went fast, too. Embossing the top layer – I used an embossing folder, but remember that you can emboss with stencils, too – adds some rich texture with an easy spin through the machine. Let me share my tips with you.

Card Base and Frames

  • Use white cardstock to cut an A2 sized card base and a 5.00″ x 3.75″rectangle for the white frame.
  • Cut a purple 5.50″ x 4.25″ rectangle for the top front layer.
  • Line up the 3rd largest die from the Nested Rectangle set, secure in place with masking tape and cut the frame opening.
  • Use the 5th size  rectangle to cut the white frame.
  • Emboss the purple frame using the Garden Party folder.
  • Apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the purple frame, line it up over the white frame and attach them together.
  • Apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the double matted frame and attach it to the card base.

The Die Cut Flowers

  • Use purple cardstock to cut five sets (10 flowers) of the 2nd sized flower from the Stackable Flowers and Leaves #3 set.
  • Place the flower layers face down on the molding pad and use a large round stylus to roll over the petals to round and form them.
  • Turn the flower layers face up on the molding pad and push down in the centers using a small tipped stylus.
  • Apply glossy accents to the bottom flower, line up and offset the second flower and attach them together.
  • Take a look at my Flower Paper Shaping 1 video to see the steps I take to form and attach my flowers.  The flower set used is different but the concept is the same.

All in a beautiful shade of purple, the embossed frame and wreath of die cut paper flowers on this handmade card are very easy to make and add so much dimension.

Ivy Wreath Base

  • Cut the wreath base from the Wreath Set using green cardstock.
  • Use green cardstock to cut several sections of ivy.
  • Cut each ivy section in two to create two smaller ivy branches.  

  • Begin attaching the ivy to the base using glossy accents.
  • Tuck the end of each ivy section under the leaves from the previous section to overlap and continue all the way around the base.
  • Fill in the wreath with additional ivy sections to create a lush wreath.

Complete The Wreath

  • Attach the flowers to the wreath using glossy accents.
  • Place small white circles to the flower centers and attach using glossy accents.  Pro Tip:  I save the circle negatives from cutting eyelet dies to use for flower centers.
  • Apply a generous amount of glossy accents to the back of the wreath and attach it to the card base.
  • Stamp the sentiment on a round circle using Nocturne ink.
  • Apply a piece of mounting tape to the back of the sentiment circle and attach it in the center of  the wreath.


A closer look at all the dimension and texture in this wreath of die cut paper flowers, shaped and added to a base with lots of die cut greenery on a beautiful handmade greeting card.
Here are the items from Rubbernecker that I used today:

Nested Rectangle Small Stitch Die Cut…
[ RBB ]
5508-03D stackable flowers/leaves #3 Die
[ RBB ]
5162-02D Large Ivy
[ RBB ]
3327 Kittie Says Friends
[ RBB ]

For all the other tools I use over and over check out all my other favorite crafting tools here.

You can make this wreath of die cut paper flowers using any of your favorite flower dies and in any one color or color combination. Learning how to shape these paper flowers truly is easy and then all you have to do is just build up the greenery around them and you’ve got something really special! 

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