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Come on over and get my free tips to make any kind of die cut paper flowers look real!

I make a LOT of cards with flowers. My mom was a florist and as much as it is such hard work, one of the saving graces of that business is being among so many different kinds of gorgeous blooms and blossoms. So it makes sense that I would figure out anything and everything I could to make die cut paper flowers look real on my cards. And I love sharing what I’ve learned and taught myself with all of you so you can experience the same creative joy.

Today I am sharing this card that is so lush and loaded with floral elements – I just love how everything sort of arranged itself over that Decorative Floral Circle die cut. And as much detail as there is here, all of the elements made with Rubbernecker’s Stackable Flowers and Leaves #3, Stackable Flowers and Leaves #1, Mixable Flower Stack, Small Flowers #5, Branches and Leaves, and Sea Kelp dies use all the same basic techniques to color and shape them. I am telling you honestly – once you learn these easy steps there isn’t a die cut flower you won’t be able to bring to life!

With today's tips, you an make die cut paper flowers look real just like this arrangement of bright colored, pickable blossoms on this handmade greeting card.
Would you like to get to those steps?

Card Base and Decorative Floral Circle

  • Use white cardstock to cut a 5.50″ square card base and the Decorative Floral Circle.
  • Use bright pink cardstock to cut the .25″ x 5.50″ strips.
  • Apply large pieces of mounting tape on the back of the decorative circle and attach it to the card base.
  • Apply double stick tape to the back of the pink strips and attach them to the card base.

Adding Realistic Color to The Die Cut Flowers

  • Use white cardstock to cut the four largest flowers in the arrangement.  
  • Apply two tones of Color Fuse #5- Blush and Bubblegum inks to the Stackable Flowers and Leaves #3 using mini applicators.  Apply the Blush ink to the outer petals and then apply the Bubblegum to the centers and lower petals.   See pictures below.  These photos were taken of a different flower but the process is exactly the same.

  • Using the same steps apply Mango and Apricot inks to the Stackable Flowers and Leaves #1.
  • Apply Rose and Blush inks to the Mixable Flower Stack using the same steps.
  • Apply Sonata and Serene inks to the Small Flowers #5.
  • Cut the smaller flowers from the Small Flowers #5 using light pink and bright yellow cardstock.

Forming and Assembling the Flowers to Look Real

  • Use needle nose pliers or tweezers to form the petals of the bright pink and orange flowers. Note:  I used the shaping technique on both the bright pink and orange flowers.

  • Place the light pink flower sections face down on the molding pad and gently roll over each petal using a large round stylus.  Note:  I wanted the flower petals to fold back instead of up like the other two flowers.
  • Place the flower sections on the molding pad and push down in the center to push the petals up.

  • Attach the flower sections together using glossy accents and making sure to offset each layer.

  • Place the smaller blue, pink and yellow flowers face up on the molding pad and push down in the centers using a small tipped stylus. 

Arranging All The Die Cut Flowers

  • Apply generous amounts of glossy accents to the back of the three large flowers and attach them to the decorative circle.  Pro Tip:  I use glossy accents to attach flowers and foliage because it is such a strong holding glue. 
  • Cut sections of the Branches and Leaves, Sea Kelp and leaves from the flower sets using green cardstock.
  • Tuck branches, stems and leaves under the flowers and attach them using glossy accents.  Pro Tip:  I used several different foliage types to create a random garden appearance.
  • Attach the smaller flowers to the foliage using glossy accents to complete the arrangement.


Learn how to make die cut paper flowers look real as with this arrangement of brightly colored, assorted spring flowers arranged on a decorative die cut layer on a crisp white handmade greeting card background.

Are these realistic die cut paper flowers hard to make? NO! Yes, there’s a lot that goes into making them look so realistic but, as in nature, small imperfections and differences only ADD to the lifelike look. This means that you do not have to worry about “perfection” and can just lean into the fun of coloring and shaping these little flat pieces of paper into gorgeous, pickable blooms.

Here’s what I used today from Rubbernecker:

5600-01D Decorative Floral Circle Die
[ RBB ]
5508-03D stackable flowers/leaves #3 Die
[ RBB ]
5508-01D stackable flowers/leaves die
[ RBB ]
Mixable Flower Stack Die 5109D
[ RBB ]
5605-01D Small Flowers #5 Die
[ RBB ]
5404D Branches and Leaves Die
[ RBB ]
5321-02D Sea Kelp Die
[ RBB ]
Color Fuse Set #5
[ RBB ]
Color Fuse Set #8
[ RBB ]
Color Fuse Set #1
[ RBB ]
Color Fuse Set #2
[ RBB ]

And here are all the other items I used from my stash.

I really hope you gather together some supplies and try out these tips to make die cut paper flowers look real for your own projects. Even if you don’t love the first few you make, I promise that it will get easier.  And truly, people will love receiving these as much as you love making them!

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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous! I have several dies for layered flowers that I will try to bring to life using your technique. Thank you for sharing 🌸

  2. I didn’t realize you’re also using needle nose pliers for shaping as well as the stylus. I learn something new from you everyday. Thank you Kittie for sharing your tips and tricks with everyone.

  3. This card is so beautiful. I also wanted to thank Rubbernecker for doing the Card of the Day series. I have really enjoyed them and learned quite a lot!


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