Another Way To Use Die Cut Leftovers

a handmade greeting card featuring a tiny oval wreath of flowers made entirely from die cut leftovers

Still have die cut leftovers? Check out this project! No matter how we try to plan, we always have die cut leftovers, am I right? And I don’t know about you but it’s really hard for me to throw any away! Even if they are tiny – somehow they aren’t “scraps” anymore but actual little …

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A Special Birthday Wreath Card

a birthday wreath card with an exquisite wreath made from die cut ivy and tiny flowers on a white die cut background

This truly special birthday wreath card isn’t one you’d necessarily make a big stack of though if you would, you are amazing! I spent lots of time on the exquisite details of this tiny paper wreath making this card one that is perfect for one of those big milestone birthdays or for someone truly special. …

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How To Make a Wreath With Die Cuts

KC Rubbernecker 5217-03D Wreath Set 4 right

It’s not as hard as it looks to learn how to make a wreath with die cuts. I used a die specially made for this type of craft but once you know the basic steps and a couple of tricks, you can do this with many different die cuts and elements. And the results are …

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Wreath Card

KC Rubbernecker 5309-10D Mixed Flower Stack 5 right

Today I’m sharing a wreath card made with a clean and simple background.  Wreath cards have become very popular in paper crafting and I love creating realistic miniature wreaths with die cut paper flowers and foliage. For this card I used the Rubbernecker Mixed Flower Stack, Small Flowers #3, Large Ivy, Wreath Set and Inside …

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