Color Wash Flowers

KC Martha Stewart Punch Flower 1 right

Supplies:  punched or die cut flowers, brush, ink, water, needle nose pliers, stylus, mat


1.  Grab the tips of each petal with needle nose pliers and bend and roll.  I alternated direction and folded some petals back and some forward.


2.  Mix reinker and water on a palette or in the lid of your ink pad until you have a light wash of color.  Brush the whole front of the flower with the colored wash and making the paper very wet for step 3.


3.  Dip your brush tip into a dot of full or fairly full strength reinker and lightly touch your brush into the flower center.  The ink will start to move across the water laying on the petals but you should rinse your brush quickly and use a little of the color wash to help the color move and not become to heavy in one spot.


4. Heat dry the flower with a heat gun. The petals will start to pull in l a tiny bit when drying but be careful not to heat too long or your will scorch the paper.


5. Place the dried flower on a mat and delicately push down in the center of the petals to form the shape of the flower. Be careful not to push right through the cardstock as it will be a little more delicate since it had been wet and dried.


KC Martha Stewrt Punch Flower 1 close

KC Martha Stewart Punch Flower 1 center

KC Martha Stewart Punch Flowers 1 left