Flower Spray Tutoiral

I have recently posted tutorials on how I create punched paper flowers and punched floral wreaths. This tutorial shows how I create a floral spray. 


KC Flower SPray Front 

I have created three punched flowers flowers and punched out three kinds of foliage to create my spray, I ran all of the foliage through a crimper to give texture to the leaves.

Punches- Stampin’ Up! Bird Punch, Martha Stewart Frond, PIne, Hydrangea and Flower Punches.

You can click on each individual picture to see it in a larger view.

Flower Spray Tutorial 1 

I am going to apply the spray on a simple white and green background.
Flower Spray Tutorial 2 

I apply the longer pieces of foliage to create the base for the spray.  I gage the distance that I need to apply them by the size of my flowers and by how close I want to apply the flowers. I only put adhesive on the lowest part of the frond nearest the stem so the head of the frond will be free. I  push down on the stem and flower piece of the front to attach securely and this also lifts the head of the frond. This step gives each piece of foliage a bit of life instead of just being attached flatly on the card stock.

Flower Spray Tutorial 3 

I lay the flowers in place just to get an idea of where I want to start laying the next layer of foliage.

Flower Spray Tutorial 4 

Now that I know how I want to arrange the flowers I start laying down the second layer.  I attach three fonds to create a triangle to sit under the first flower.

Flower Spray Tutorial 5 

I continue by adding a second triangle to sit under the second flower.
Flower Spray Tutorial 6 

I complete the second layer by adding the third triangle to sit under the third flower.

Flower Spray Tutorial 7 

I create the third layer by attaching the softer pine foliage over the three triangles to create a little nest for each flower to sit in.  The softness of the pine adds a delicate touch around the flowers.

Flower Spray Tutorial 8 

Now I attach the first flower over the foliage.  I use my piercer to help push the flower down in the center of the to attach securely. 

Flower Spray Tutorial 9 

I repeat the steps for flower two and three.

Flower Spray Tutorial 10 

Flower Spray Tutorial 11 

IFlower Spray Tutorial 12 

Flower Spray Tutorial 13 

Now that the three flowers are attached I add a few more pieces of the pine foliage to bare spots on the spray. Using the tip of the piercer helps slide the new piece in under existing foliage and hides the end of the piece.

Flower Spray Tutorial 14 

Flower Spray Tutorial 15 
Flower Spray Tutorial 16 
Flower Spray Tutorial 17 

Tools to create little flowerettes to attach to the spray for a babies breath effect.

Mouse pad or piercing mat, stylus, 1/8″ hole punch, piercer
Flower Spray Tutorial 18 

Punch several little round punches with your hole punch and lay on the mouse pad.

Flower Spray Tutorial 19 

Using a small headed stylus push down hard into the mat on each little punch to create a tiny circular flowers.
Flower Spray Tutorial 20 

These are so tiny that it is hard to see in the photo but they are perfectly shaped tiny flowers.
Flower Spray Tutorial 21 

Apply small dots of liquid adhesive (I use Ranger Glossy or Matte Accents) on the tips of the pine foliage and pick up the flower with your piercer and attach to the adhesive.
Flower Spray Tutorial 22 

I inserted a little floweret into the center of each flower.   I didn’t want to do this until the last step since I needed to push down hard on the flower center with the piercer point when first attaching to the card front and it can damge the flower center.  The little flower sits perfectly in the center of the larger flower and adds just one more layer to  
Flower Spray Tutorial 23 

I didn’t attach any ribbon or embellishment to finish my card as I feel like the flowers are perfect on their own.

KC Flower Spray Close 
KC Flower Spray Left 
KC Flower Spray Right 

KC Flower SPray Front