Frame Tutorial

Frame Tutorial

Supply List: Dies, cardstock, mounting tape or foam pop dots, prepared image for framing, tape, die cutting machine such as Wizard, Big Shot or Cuttlebug. To create a layered frame with 1/4″ difference in the size of your frame you will need to have both the large and small sets of Nestabilities.

1. Decide where you want the frame opening to be on your main frame layer, place your die so it is even and attached with tape. I stick my tape on my clothing first to take away a little of the stickiness so it doesn’t stick tightly to the cardstock. Run through your die cutting machine.

Frame 1 
Frame 2 
Your second layer does not have to be measured as precisely as the top since it will be hidden under the main frame. It can actually be cut much smaller but most times I cut mine fairly close to the top frame size for additional support of the frame. Remember, you can do as many layers as you like. The process is the same. I sometimes do three layers of mat for a special touch.

2. Turn top frame layer over to the underside and apply adhesive around the opening.

Frame 3 
3. Position top frame over the second layer making sure all sides of the lower mat show as evenly as possible and attach. Hint: Mine are almost never perfect…..but nothing in life ever is.

Frame 4 
Frame 5 
Frame 6 
4. Apply mounting tape or pot dots to back side of frame. If I am doing a large frame I put small pieces of mounting tape around the opening to support and to keep the opening from sagging around the image.

Frame 7 
Frame 8 
5. Place your stamped image on the card base to measure where you want it to be attached under the frame. While the mounting tape backing is still on turn your frame over and place evenly over your card base. Move the image layer around until it is precisely where you want it. Hold it in place while you take the frame away and mark the exact position of the corners with a pencil on your base so you know exactly where you want it to be attached. Attach to base card.

Frame 9 
Frame 10 
6. Remove tape backing from mounting tape and attach evenly to your card base. Finish your card.

Frame 11 
Frame 12 
Beach Scene 15 

Other frame examples.

KC Day at the BEach 5 

KC Floating Along 3 Right 

KC Sarah Kay Fleur Gathering Flowers left 
Matting with the same color is lovely.

KC Gillian Roberts Kittie's Bow 

KC SU Bird Punch 11 right 
KC Martha Stewart Cornflower 1 right 
KC Butterflies are Free 
KC Garden Phrase Set 2 Right 
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