Lily Tutorial – My Favorite Things

KC MFT Lily left_thumb[1]



Cut the flowers using white cardstock and use a mini applicator to apply PanPastel.


Apply the freckle marks that lilies are known for with a marker (I used a Copic)


Turn the flower face down and push down with the stylus into the molding pad to roll the petals back.


Turn the flower face up and push down in the center with the smaller stylus to turn the petals up.


Apply glossy accents to the bottom flower section.


Insert the top flower section to the bottom section offsetting the petals.


Apply color to the tips of the stamen.


Secure the stamen with tweezers.


Roll the stamen around the tip of the tweezers and apply glossy accents in the curl.


Turn and roll the stamen around the tip of the tweezers again, hold in place for a second and then pull off the tweezers. 11_thumb[1]

Apply glossy accents in the flower center.


Set the stamen in the center of the flower with tweezers and hold in place for a minute until it is dry enough to stand on it’s own.


I love how this turned out.

KC MFT Lily close_thumb[1]

Here’s a closer view of the three flowers on my project.

KC MFT Lily 1 center_thumb[2]

An all white background allows the lilies to be the real star of the card.  Even the sentiment tag in white allows the sentiment to be featured without detracting from the lilies.

KC MFT Lily right_thumb[1]



Card Size:  5.50” x 4.25”