Packaging and Mailing Card Tutorial

I receive emails regularly asking about how I package and mail my floral cards.I thought it would be helpful to show a few step by step photos of what I do to protect the dimension of the flower.

1.  Cut a strip of cardstock about 1/4” to 1/2” wide and long enough to wrap around your flower.


2.  Attach the ends together with adhesive or staple to create a circle.  You may need to create various shapes for different sizes or styles of cards and flowers.


3.  Lay the circle over your flower.  The strip only needs to be as wide as the height of your flower.


4.  Lay a piece of cardstock over the barrier and hold in place while tucking it into a padded envelope.



5.  The padded envelope does a good job holding the cardstock in place but if you wish you can wrap the whole thing in a little bit of tissue paper before tucking into the envelope.



I also love to use the Crystal Clear Box to package my dimensional cards and place it in a padded envelope for extra protection. 

Crystal Box