Hydrangea Tutorial

Punched Hydrangea Tutorial
This is tutorial showing how to make a puffy hydrangea.

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Supply list

Hydrangea Supply List 

Punched Circles, Hydrangea Punch, Stylus, Mouse Pad, Paper Piercer, Embossing Folder, Liquid Adhesive, Mounting Tape.

Hydrangea Circles Sizes 
Step 1.  Punch or die cut circles in graduated sizes.  My largest is 1 3/4″ and the smallest is 1/2″.


Hydrangea 3 
Hydrangea 4 
Hydrangea 5 
Hydrangea 6 
Step 2.  Apply mounting tape to the back of the circles and layer.

Hydrangea 7 
Step 3.  Punch out a large bunch of flowers.  When you think you have enough go ahead and punch out several more because you will need more than you think. :>)

Hydrangea 8 
Step 4.  Place flowers on mouse pad or piercing mat and push down in the center of each flower with a stylus to shape.  The flower comes out of the punch with a slight turned up edge.  This is the side that works best when shaping with the stylus.  The back side of the flower doesn’t want to shape and remains a little flat when pushed down with the stylus.

Hydrangea 9 
Hydrangea 10 
Step 5. You are ready to start applying your flowers.  Apply a generous amount of adhesive over the top layer and spread to the edges. Use plenty of adhesive.

Hydrangea 11 
Hydrangea 12 
Pick up the flower with the point of the paper piercer and apply right in the very center of the top layer. Continue adding flowers around the center flower until you have covered the layer.  Make sure you squish them in close together even if you are over lapping petals. 

Hydrangea 13 
Step 6.  Apply a layer of adhesive around the second layer.

Hydrangea 14 
Apply flowers to the second layer remembering to place them close enough not to show any of the base.

Hydrangea 15 
Continue the steps until you have covered your whole flower base.  The last layer will require a double layer of flowers to cover the edges.

Hydrangea 16 
Hydrangea 17 
Hydrangea 18 
Step 7.  Create a lovely project using your gorgeous flower.

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