Winter Snow Scene

Create a Dimensional Evergreen Snowman Scene

 KC Images Mounted


Supply Photo 

Stamps (mine are Rubbernecker- Tree Set and Our Craft Lounge- Be Jolly)

Watercolor Paper- I used 5” X 5” for the scene base

Cardstock- colors of your choice

Water Based Inks- colors of your choice

White Craft Ink and Reinker

Black Waterproof Ink

White Embossing Powder

Embossing Buddy



Cloud Template

Mounting Tape or Dimensionals


 Click on photos for a closer view

1.  Stamp several evergreens on a piece of watercolor paper to create your scene base layer.  Stamp the bare tree on a second piece of watercolor the exact same size as the base and the snowman on a small piece of watercolor paper.

 1 Stamp Trees

2 Stamp Images 

2.  Brush a perfectly dry paint brush across the green pad to lightly gather ink.

 3 Dry Brush Wiped on Pad


3.  Using a stipple motion start applying ink to the trees.  This technique allows the ink to look more like it has been sponged rather than the look of full watercoloring. You will continuously need to go back to the ink pad to gather more ink on the brush. Fill in all the green areas of the tree, heat dry well and then go back and lightly fill in the tree trunks with brown. Heat dry again so ink does not smudge in later steps.

 5 Trees Green Finished

6 Brown Trees Finished 

4.  Using a sponge and cloud template sponge blue in the sky area.   If you don’t have a cloud template you can easily make one with scrap paper and scissors. The blue transforms the tree images and seems to bring them to life. Heat dry the scene well before moving on to the next step.

 7 Sponge Sky


5.  Powder the paper really well with an embossing buddy. Paint white craft reinker on the ground area of the trees and emboss with white embossing powder.  Hint:  if you don’t make sure your ink is really dry and well powdered with the embossing buddy the embossing powder will stick where you don’t want to.

 8 Paint Ground Area Under Trees


6.  Use a small dry brush and lightly dab white craft ink over the tree limbs.  You will want to use a very light touch with this as you only want touches of snow to appear on the trees.  Apply white embossing powder and tap off really well.  If it looks like you have too much powder sticking you can use a dry brush to lightly remove a little of the powder before you finally heat emboss.

  9 Paint Snow on Trees

10 Snow Embossed Trees 

7.  Cut out your bare tree and snowman image.  You will need to leave an inch or so at the bottom of the tree as this will be the main attachment point for the image.  The snowman will be attached right behind the tree base. Color your images and heat dry.  Powder the tree image really well with embossing buddy and paint the ground base of the tree and the limbs with white reinker and emboss with white embossing powder..

 11 Cut Images

12 Color Images 

8.  Apply mounting tape to the back of the images.  The tree will need to be enforced well with mounting tape to remain secure on the card.  Apply a couple small pieces of tape to the head area of the snowman so it can be popped up but the bottom will be attached flatly with regular adhesive so it is flat behind the tree.

 13 Attach Mounting Tape

9.  Attach tree and snowman to the tree scene.

 KC Images Mounted

Finish your card however you would like.  I added a sweet sentiment and attached the card front to green and red cardstock.

 KC Our Craft Lounge Be Jolly

Here are a couple of side views that shows the dimension of the images.

KC Our Craft Lounge Be Jolly Left View 

KC Our Craft Lounge Be Jolly Right View