Christmas Tree Tutorial with Evergreen Branches

KC Martha Stewart Branch Punch Tree 1 right

I cut the tree base 4 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide. I marked the top of the cardstock with my pencil and cut the sides off with my paper trimmer. I attached all the branches to the base using glossy accents.

I started by placing the first branch in the top center of the tree.


For the second row I attached one branch to the left of center and one to the right of center.



Continue the pattern of center, left right until the base widens.  You will then need to apply two left and two right.



As the base widened I started adding three left and three right.  The final rows at the bottom were four left and four right.


I attached the final row of branches to the bottom of the tree base by tucking them in under the second to the last row of branches.

KC Martha Stewart Branch Punch Tree 1 left

Before I started to dress the tree I lightly bent the lower sides of the tree back to curve out the center of the tree slightly. I decorated my tree with ribbon garland, tiny bows, candy canes and lots of red bling and white pearls. I love placing a gold star at the top of the tree and finishing it with a small multi loop bow.  When I was finished decorating the tree I attached it to the card base using double layers of mounting tape on the lower center  and a single layer of mounting tape on the lower sides and the top.

KC Martha Stewart Branch Punch Tree 1 close

Here’s a closer view of the finished tree.

When I got the tree, train and cats attached to the card base I felt the card looked really bottom heavy.  I decided to add a piece of white crimped cardstock molding across the top and finish with an evergreen garland and bows.  Thus….the over-the-top finished card.

KC Martha Stewart Branch Punch Tree 1 right