Pinecone Tutorial

I made a card a few weeks ago created with a couple handmade paper pinecones and I wanted to share a tutorial today on how I made them. I love what they add to the bows of pine. I made the pinecones in the photo using the smallest Nestabilities scalloped die. I used a much larger die in the tutorial to make it easier to view in the photos.

KC Pine Bows and cones 1 left

KC Pine Bows and Cones 1 Close

Supplies: Round scallop die or punch, snips, stylus, embossing or mouse pad, adhesive, and cardstock. I used light tan.

Click on each photo if you would like to see a closer view.

Pinecone 1

1. Punch or die cut your scalloped circle.

Pinecone 2

2. Cut pie shaped sections from the circle. I cut every third scallop.

Pinecone 3

3. Cut several sections to create your pinecone layers.

Pinecone 4

4. Sponge darker brown ink on the sections. Sponging darker ink on the tan cardstock allows for different tones to show through in the layers rather than using a darker solid brown cardstock.

Pinecone 5

5. Cut just a tiny bit in between each scallop to allow the scallop to roll easily when distressed with the stylus.

Pinecone 6

6. Turn the section over to the backside on the mouse pad and lightly roll the stylus over it to soften up and distress the cardstock and to round out to help form the cone.

Pinecone 7

7. Turn the section back over and push down each scalloped edge with the stylus to make it curl backwards.

Pinecone 8

8. Repeat this to create as many layers as you desire.

Pinecone 9

Pinecone 10

Pinecone 11

9. Apply adhesive to the backside of the layer that you want to be the top of the pinecone. Attach to the underside of the top section but moving the second layer up so the scallops stick up above the base scalloped layer. Repeat for as many layers as you desire.

Pinecone 12

Pinecone 13

10. Now you have a lovely pinecone to add to your project.

KC Pine Bows and Cones 1 right

KC Pine Bows and cones 1 left

If you would like to see a tutorial on creating the pine spray check out my Flower Spray tutorial.