Punched Flower Tutorial

Punched Flower Tutorial

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Flower Punches, 1/2” circle punch,  1/4” circle punch, Stylus, adhesive, paper piercer, paper piercing mat or mouse pad, embossed and crimped cardstock

Photo 1

Punch out pink and green flowers and circles.  I embossed the pink and crimped the green to add texture.

Photo 2

Lay flower out on the mat and shape the flower using a stylus in a circular motion.

Photo 3

Lay circles on the mat and shape using a stylus in a circular motion. Press the head of the stylus down into the mat to crinkle the circle  into a flower shape.

Photo 5


Photo 6

Apply adhesive in the center of three of the four flowers.

Photo 7

Photo 8

Attach the first flower by picking up with piercer and laying it in the second flower.  Turn the flower slightly so the petals are offset from the bottom layer. Continue layering until you have all four flowers and the two circle flower centers assembled.

Photo 9

Apply adhesive to  the green flower and attach a little off set from the bottom pink layer so a tiny bit of the green shows when looking at it from the top.

Photo 10

Apply adhesive to the different shaped flower and attach to the bottom of the flower allowing two of the petals show out of one side of the flower and so the remaining petals are hidden.

Photo 11

The flower is finished.

Photo 12

Here are flowers made with and without embossing.  They are both pretty.  Here is a card that I made with the three flowers.  I added a little punched pine.

Finished Project 1

Finished Project 2

Cornflower Mini Tutorial

Punch out several embossed cornflowers. Using deckle or postage scissors cut the petals of one flower to shorten for an inner layer of the flower. Cut the petals of another flower almost totally off so there is just a hint of petals around the circle. Punch out three or four little hydrangea petals and one tiny flower. Round and form the flower sections using a stylus (see punched flower tutorial) and mouse pad or piercing mat.

Cornflower 1 
Attach the first three large cornflowers offsetting each layer a little so the petals are not perfectly lined up.  Add the first cut down flower and then the small circular flower and finish layering with the tiny flowers.

Cornflower 2 

Cornflower 3 
Here is the project I made for the vellum challenge. I love how it turned out.  The white embossed vellum really looks puffy with all the layers. Check out my multi loop bow  tutorial if you would like to know how I made my bow.

KC Martha Stewart Cornflower 1 right 
KC MArtha Stewart Cornflower 1 close 
KC Martha Stewart Cornflower 1 left