You Are On My Mind and “Die Storage” Focus

Die Storage Focus “Stamp-n-Storage” 

Good Monday morning.  Do you have a large collection of dies?  Have you been trying to figure out the best way to store them that not only keeps them organized but also safe from getting lost? Have you seen the Stamp-n-Storage Die Totes and Magnet Cards?

Die Tote-Family-720

Die Magnet-Card-480

I recently purchased the largest die tote and largest set of magnet cards.  I was happy to have the opportunity to purchase the two items bundled together for a great savings.   The cards have a very strong magnet that holds the dies perfectly in place and doesn’t allow them to slip.  The tote holds the dies at an angle that allows me to flip through to find the die I am looking for.  I’m going to take a few pictures of my actual set up after I get it totally organized with the labels my husband is making for me. But I thought I would share these photos from the Stamp-n-Storage site.  I wanted to let you know how happy I am to have this system to keep my dies safe and organized. Click here to visit Stamp-n-Storage.

I have another flower garden project to share with you today. The Watering Can started out to be the main focal point of the project but it turned out to be more of a backdrop for the flowers.Regardless, I love this clean and simple layout and how the all white background allows all the colorful images pop.

KC Impression Obsession Watering Can 2 left

I had the turquoise paper on my desk from the project I posted yesterday.  I thought it would be a great anchor color to frame the main layer, and for the watering can and butterflies.  I love the combination of the green foliage and  I started by cutting the scalloped border on the white and turquois layers and by cutting the small scalloped strip to frame the line of flowers. I attached the white layer to the turquois with mounting tape and then attached them to the card base with another layer of mounting tape for an level of dimension. yellow, pink and lavender flowers with the turquoise.

I started by cutting the scalloped border on the white and turquois layers and by cutting the small scalloped strip to frame the line of flowers. I attached the white layer to the turquois with mounting tape and then attached them to the card base with mounting tape for another layer of dimension.

KC Impression Obsession Watering Can 2 center

I cut the grass and attached it to the scalloped strip with ATG adhesive and then attached them to the base with mounting tape. I attached the tiny flowers to the stems with glossy accents to use in the watering can and along the flower bed.  I tucked the watering can full of flowers in behind the grass and attached with mounting tape. I inserted the flower stems into the grass border with glossy accents. I cut the sun using a flower from the Bunch of Blossoms.  I think it looks so bright and fun popping out from behind the clouds.  I added the butterflies for the finishing touch.

KC Impression Obsession Watering Can 2 close

Here’s a closer view to show the dimension.

KC Impression Obsession Watering Can 2 right

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you have a great beginning to your week.

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”

14 thoughts on “You Are On My Mind and “Die Storage” Focus”

  1. I love making these cards but please, tell us how to mail them. Also, do a tutorial on acrylic stamp how to

  2. Woo Kittie, you sure are a professional at these floral scenic cards!!! That is a sweet sun peeking out from the embossed clouds. Your flowers are always a pleasure to look at – love the shade of blues!!

  3. Hi Kittie, about your die storage…..will the large tote hold all 80 of the magnet cards? I have the stamp storage shelf (2 of them) and love them. Have been wondering about the die storage. Your work is beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing. Denise

  4. I have the magnet cards and am ordering the storage unit to hold them. I think they are my favorite storage in my craft room! And I love, love, love your cards! I’ve been making flower scenes for awhile, but I make them in frames or on canvas! Too much work and way too pretty for a card that a receiver may pitch. Years ago I made a large wreath that is still beautiful today, but I have to admit that your design sense is much better than mine. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas. Bobbie

  5. Hello Kittie, I love all your spring scenes! I know your blog for a few months and what a surprise! I’ll see you in my new French magazine scrap “Passion Creative Cards”. You are my inspiration! Have a good

  6. Another pretty spring scene card. Love that sprinkling can with flowers. Wish those magnet sheets were not so pricey. Have changed the way I store my dies twice now, just need to stop collecting more, how hard is that LOL.

  7. Love your “happy” card today and I will check out the storage site. I have mine in heavy duty binders and a couple of small binders…one green one for the botanicals, one red one for stictly Christmas/holiday dies and black ones for everything else. I’m always looking for ways to improve on my storage, so thanks for the link…will see how they recommend storing dies.
    BTW….zero emails at all today…zip…na dah…nothing from anyone…so maybe it’s AOL…so frustrating. I think I’ll unsubscribe from your blog and then resubscribe, so if you see that, don’t think I’m leaving. Love your blog.

  8. Good Day, Kittie, thank you for the storage info. I have been looking at them for awhile but not sure yet. It will be a big help when you show us how you manage things. would love to see your craft room . Your card, is a lovely spring day. I like the sprinkling can in the garden, like you had finished working, and now picked flowers ready for the table to enjoy. Hope you had a good week-end…..hugs,

  9. Your on my mind also. Stopped in for a little inspiration and another sweet card to admire. Your scenes always look so adorable!


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