How To Add Dimension To Die Cut Terracotta Pots

Come learn how to make your die cut terracotta pots look so realistic!

Because I love using die cut flowers and foliage for a lot of my cards, I also often use die cut terracotta pots. And since I spend a lot of time making my paper flowers look as realistic as possible, I want to make sure those containers look just as good! The pot and flower arrangement in this post is made using the Rubbernecker Tall Terracotta Pots, Tulips and Stems and Branches and Leaves. I layered the arrangement on the Inside Scallop Nested and Large Garden Fence along with Grass and Grass #2.  The Sentiment is from the Kittie Says Spring Time.  You may want to check out my How to Make Paper Flowers Step by Step Videos post helpful showing how to to arrange a bouquet in case you missed it. The design technique is the same.

add a little ink to make die cut terracotta pots look as real as the paper flowers shown on this handmade greeting card

The Card Base, Fence and Scalloped Layer

  • Cut an A2 sized card base and the scalloped layer using white cardstock.
  • Use purple cardstock to cut a 5.50″ x 4.25″ layer to cover the white card base.  Note:  I like to cover white card fronts with colored cardstock so the Inside of the card is white.
  • Attach the purple cardstock to the card base using ATG adhesive.
  • Apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the scalloped layer and attach to the card bases.
  • Attach the grass sections to the fence using ATG adhesive.
  • Apply ATG adhesive to the back of the fence and grass section and small pieces of mounting tape to the back of the pickets and attach to the card base.  Pro Tip:  Attaching the bottom of the fence flat to the scalloped layer creates less bulk.  Applying mounting tape to the back of the pickets creates dimension.

Color the Terracotta Pot

  • I posted this video a couple weeks ago but thought I would show it again in case any of you missed it.

The Tulip Arrangement

  • Cut the tulips using yellow, pink and purple cardstock and the tulip stems and background foliage using green cardstock.  Note:  I cut a few extra stems and cut the leaves off to finish the front of the bouquet.
  • Assemble the tulips and stems using glossy accents. 
  • Begin the arrangement by attaching the first row of tulips and stems together using glossy accents.  Alternate the colors for a more natural looking arrangement.
  • Continue adding the remaining flowers and stems to the back of the front row using glossy accents.
  • Attach large foliage pieces to the back of the bouquet using glossy accents.
  • Tuck a few tulip leaves to the front of the arrangement to add softness and to cover the stems.
  • Apply a generous amount of glossy accents to the back of the terracotta pot and attach it to the bouquet.
  • Apply glossy accents to the back of the arrangement and pot, tuck the pot in behind the grass and attach to the fence.

The Sentiment Layer

  • Use white and purple cardstock to cut the strips for the sentiment.  
  • Place the white layer on the cutting platform and line up scallop die and cut.  Repeat with the purple layer.
  • Trim the white strip to the appropriate height to fit the sentiment.
  • Stamp the sentiment on the white layer using Nocturne ink.
  • Line up the scalloped edge of the white layer over the purple layer to make the edges match.
  • Trim the purple layer 1/4″ larger in height.
  • Attach the sentiment layer to the to the purple layer using ATG adhesive.
  • Apply ATG adhesive across the back top of the sentiment layer and a strip of mounting tape to the bottom.
  • Attach the layer directly over the bottom of the grass and fence section.

die cut terracotta pots like this from Rubbernecker can be made to look dimensional with a little application of ink

I used die cut terracotta pots as the example for this card but know that you can apply this technique to ALL your containers for your gorgeous die cut flower arrangements. After all, those paper flowers are so gorgeous and lush and fresh looking – they deserve to be shown off with something equally as beautiful!

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