Susan’s Lily and Tutorial

Good Sunday morning.  I have another Susan Tierney Cockburn flower project to share with you today with a step by step tutorial showing how I colored the flower petals with Susan’s Pan Pastels and assembled the flower.

I made this project for the Splitcoaststampers Inspiration Challenge.  The inspiration site was thomaspaul and I was inspired by the set of dishes pictured below.


 I wanted to keep the card front very simple so the flower could be the main star. I had so much fun adding color to the petals with the pan pastels.  I wanted the flower to be vibrant against the black background.

KC Sizzix Lily 1 right

I have never used anything like the pan pastels.  They are so creamy and the color coverage is amazing. If you are a paper flower maker then you will definitely want to consider checking this set out.

KC Sizzix Lily 1 center

I love how the yellow and dark pink blend together to create such a natural look to the petals. Not only did I use the pastels on the petals but I also brightened up the leaves with a bit of yellow.  Here a couple of different closer views.

KC Sizzix Lily 1 close right

KC Sizzix Lily 1 close left

Click here and scroll down to see Susan’s lily video tutorial.  My tutorial below is just to show how I used the pan pastels and how I put my flower together.  I hope you find it helpful.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Lily Tutorial

Supplies:  Cardstock, Sizzix Accessory Tool Kit, Pan Pastels and Sponge Stylus, Crafter’s Pick Ultimate Glue, Rose Red R85 Marker


My pictures are pretty self explanatory and don’t need much comment.  I applied the yellow to the petal first and then followed by blending in the dark pink. I finished the petal with a touch of yellow right at the bottom part of the petal.

color 1

color 2

color 3

I added green to the lighter green piece to add brightness.

color 4

I added a touch of green to the leaves.

color 5

I used a rose red Copic marker to add the markings on the flower and color the tips of the stamen. 

color 6

The picture below shows the petals and leaves formed by the tools in the accessory tool kit.


I attach the petals to the flower base and then set it in the flower pot tray to hold it in place while the glue dries.




I added leaf green flower soft  to the tips of the stamen and allowed it to dry.  I rolled the stamen around the tweezers and glued it at the base.


I applied glue to the tip base of the stamen and attached it in the flower center and held it in place for a minute to set. 



After my flower dried I turned back the petals just to make them fit on my card front.  If I were using this flower in a large arrangement I would have left the petals standing.

KC Sizzix Lily 1 left


Sizzix Thinlits Die Set, Flower, Lily by Susan Tierney-Cockburn, 12PK   Pan Pastel Susan     The Ultimate Glue, 4 oz. COPIC Sketch Marker R85, Rose Red     Flower Soft Texture Set, TreeSizzix Accessory, Tool Kit inspired by Susan Tierney-CockburnSizzix Accessory, Plastic Flower Pot Trays, 5 Pack inspired by Susan Tierney-CockburnATG Kit, Advanced Tape GliderHigh Tack Double-Sided Foam Mounting Tape, 1/2Sizzix Big Shot Machine, Black & PinkMemory Box Die, Metal Adaptor PlateTeflon Bone Folder Paper Trimmer, Tonic Guillotine 12


Paper:  Olive, Pink, White     Accessories:  Sizzix Lily , Susan’s Garden Pan Pastels , Sizzix Accessory Tool Kit, Crafter’s Pick Ultimate Glue, Susan’s Flower Pot Trays, Leaf Green  Flower Soft Mounting Tape, Copic Marker Rose Red R85, Metal Adapter Plate  , Glue Dots  , Paper Piercer  , ATG  , Big Shot  , Teflon Bone Folder, Guillotine Paper Cutter

12 thoughts on “Susan’s Lily and Tutorial”

  1. Nicely done, Kittie. The flower is lovely and attractive with the coloring. You’re one of the best card makers for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Perfect colors Kittie! And it’s even more outstanding with the tiny touch of flower soft to the stamens — looks like real pollen. You could enter your flowers into contests, like the lady who is world famous for her clay flowers (Japan). You amaze me!

  3. unbelievably life like! love the pan pastels. Kittie, you are a slave to detail-pollen-and it really shows in your finished projects. bravo!

  4. Absolutely beautiful card. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the tutorial. The flower on the black is stunning.

  5. Kittie, What an exquisite Lily; I knew you’d love the PanPastels. I’ve been using them for over 6 years and they really do add detail to my flowers. Now, I just have to send you some “Pollen” that Woodland Scenics will have available July 1st for the stamens. XOXO

  6. Kitty, I love this! I saved up and bought some Pan Pastel (several) and now addicted to them….They sure make the flowers look real and what I like about the Pan Pastel (s) is that you can blend color with other color and not contaminate each one…they are different…and so rich in the color pigment! thanks, Kitty, for another beautiful card! blessings, victoria

  7. Just when you think there could not be a more beautiful flower ….here it comes…Kittie you could have a beautiful paper flower garden.. truly you could put some of these in a vase.. that would be lovely.
    I have now ordered the Pan Pastels…not the tool set yet..thanks for sharing your creativity everyday.


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