Mixed Media Experiment

Good Saturday afternoon.  My project today was made for the Splitcoaststampers Inspiration Challenge. A Pinterest Mix Media/Canvas Art site was provided as our inspiration and I must say I almost became overwhelmed with all the wonderful projects. A few weeks ago my friend Audrie posted a gorgeous beach card using texture paste that took my breath away.  She used the paste to create a foamy ocean and puffy sky as a background for her framed beach house. I was so intrigued because I had never used texture paste.  I was getting ready to order some so I could give Audrie’s technique a try and then remembered I had purchased some quite a while back and had never even opened the jar.  Sad isn’t!!  Anyway….I decided to try my hand at creating a mixed media project for today’s challenge and was inspired by two different projects.  I loved the brick and window in the project found here and the frosty, snow covered  evergreen and pinecones found here.  Here’s what I came up with. 

KC Tattered Lace Winter Florals 3 left

I embossed the background layer with Taylored Expressions Brick Embossing Folder using white cardstock.  I applied brown ink to the brick with a sponge and heat dried with my gun.  I sat looking at my bottle of Wendy Vecchi’s white Embossing Paste wondering the best way to apply it over the brick and finally decided to use my finger.  I dabbed it all over trying to leave some of the brown showing through but got a little heavy handed.  I also had the complication of having the brown ink coming up into the paste and turning it a little brown.  Ugh!  I reached for a bottle of white gesso and dabbed it around over the paste with my finger to try and cover the brown spots.  It worked pretty well but I needed to add a couple coats in places.  When this mess was all dry and used a sanding block to sand some of the paste and paint off so more of the brown brick would show.

I cut the window die and applied the embossing paste over it with my finger.  After the window dried I sponged a touch of brown on it to tone down the white to match better with the background and then attached it using thin strips of mounting tape. 

KC Tattered Lace Winter Florals 3 center

I loved the snowy foliage from the inspiration piece and was inspired to use Impression Obsession Holly Flourish and poinsettias from the Tattered Lace Winter Florals set to embellish my window.  I cut and formed the poinsettias and then assembled them using glossy accents.  I applied the embossing paste to the poinsettia petals using a old small brush and set them aside to dry.  I cut the holly and lightly dabbed the paste with my finger. Once everything was dry I arranged the holly and flowers and attached with glossy accents.  I discovered that adhesive doesn't like to stick very well to embossing paste so I had to hold the pieces secure in place to allow them to adhere completely.  I finished by placing a tiny pearl in the center of each flower.

KC Tattered Lace Winter Florals 3 right

The embossing paste  was lots of fun to play and experiment with.  Now maybe I will make myself pull out a palette and try using it with the several stencils that I purchased and have never used.  LOL! 

Thanks for coming by and I hope you have a great weekend.

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”

14 thoughts on “Mixed Media Experiment”

  1. I love your mixed media project and the inspiration pieces are beautiful, as well. I’ve been working on my altered paint brush project and, other than getting past having my hands and work space messy, which I hate, it’s turned out pretty well….better than I ever expected. I even got a thumbs up from my dear sweet hubby. Now I just need to add the floral elements to it (not easy for me) and I’m done. Mixed media is something I’ve stayed away from, but I found it can be fun and it’s something new. Thanks for showing your gorgeous card…I like your idea of using a window with the brick. I have a friend who is a painter/artist and I think I’ll use my paint brush with a big ribbon bow to decorate her Christmas gift package. Maybe…..LOL Next, decoupage!!!
    Hope your week back to work wasn’t too exhausting for you!!! Be well.

  2. Kittie, this card is beautiful and I love the idea of the texture. I have never tried, but you inspire me and of course have to buy some Texture Paste now ! LOL !

  3. This is very beautiful, Kittie!!! I have to admit that when I first saw the title of your post in my inbox, all I could think was, “Oh no, we’re losing another maker of beautiful cards to the mixed media craze.” LOL! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like “some” of the mixed media stuff I see out there and I do enjoy playing with my various texture and molding pastes with stencils, etc. But, excuse my honesty when I say that so much of the mixed media I see in the small part of the card making Internet that I follow is just not “art” in my opinion. I don’t see slopping some gesso and paint or ink or other mediums on a piece of cardstock or canvas and calling it art! LOL!! But, in our politically correct world, heaven forbid if those of us who view it don’t rave about it’s beauty and artistic qualities. LOL!
    But, back to the topic at hand. Your “experiment” as you called it, turned out wonderfully. I look forward to seeing more of your mixed media experiments in the future. 🙂

  4. I concur. Tossing a bunch of “stuff” together on a page or canvas or whatever does not automatically make it art-ful. But then, I don’t think a Campbell Soup label is art either.

  5. Good Afternoon, Kittie, what a gorgeous mixed media card. I love your experiment. You have done what all of us do at times mix what we don’t want to, while creating.When I use paste, or any tube paint, I put small amounts in a small pallet that lets me add or subtract liquid, or just using brush in smaller amounts. Believe me it will save you other paint. Live a learn I say. I know I had too.
    I certainly agree with Suzy Que in regard to what;s being shown these days. So soo happy you haven’t fallen into that type of painting. To be honest most of stencil and mix media looks like a mess, they did in kidergartden…. that’s why I like yours so much, it is art…. LOL

  6. Well Kittie, the mess that you called it turned out lovely….I am a Vintage fan and this carries that flavor…You did a great job…but goodness a lot of work….but I, too, am not a big fan of the mixed media, but this was done well…Kittie style.
    Hope you did well back and work. Take it easy.
    Be well my friend

  7. Oh, my goodness, this is gorgeous. I LOVE everything about your card. It is amazing how different products can make such a difference to the design. I, like you, have many things stored to use later, some day, but you encouraged me to try this sooner than later, this is definitely a “try now” technique. TFS.


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