Paper Flower Shaping Video Tutorials

Today I am sharing three paper flower shaping video tutorials to show how I made the flowers in this pretty flower garden card.  I have received several requests for videos showing how I shape and form my flowers and I thought you would like to see how easy these three are to make. 

Click through to see the three paper flower shaping video tutorials show I made these gorgeous flowers.

Purple Flower Tutorial

Bright Pink Flower Tutorial

Yellow Flower Tutorial

I hope my paper flower shaping video tutorials are helpful to you.  The answer to making your flowers more realistic looking is shaping and adding dimension to the petals.  You need to have a pair of tweezers (I love reverse tweezers), a large and small ball stylus, a fine tipped stylus and good molding pad.  Then you will be all set. You can find all these tools in the Sizzix Paper Sculpting Kit.  I would love for you to give me suggestions for my next videos.  Please feel free to leave me suggestions in the comments or email at  I’m all ears.  Thanks for coming by and I hope you have a safe and sound day.

5301-04D Organic Shapable Poppy Die
[ RBB ]
Mixable Flower Stack Die 5107D
[ RBB ]
Mixable Flower Stack Die 5106D
[ RBB ]
Sizzix Making Tool – Paper Sculpting Kit
[ SZZ ] McGill Paper Blossoms…
Mini Glossy Accents, Ranger Accents
[ ELH ]

Paper flower shaping video tutorials show how easy flowers are to make.

8 thoughts on “Paper Flower Shaping Video Tutorials”

  1. SUPER TUTORIALS, Kittie! NO ONE should have ANY troubles after watching your videos! I DO LOVE THIS CARD!!! THANK YOU DEAR LADY for the tutorials! ;)<3

  2. Flowers are definitely in your blood, Ms Kittie! These videos are priceless in their ability to let us share in your amazing talent. Many thanks……again.

  3. Thanks for sharing, always love the pretty flowers you make, it is so much easier to understand when you can see it done in a video.
    I can’t think of anything at this time off hand of what kind of video I would like to see.

  4. Bonjour Kittie
    I love your work. It is so delicate with details, colorful and full of stories.
    I always smile and joy, when I see your creations. It is a sunny day for me.
    Thank you for your generosity to give us your work so we can learn new techniques.

  5. Hello Kittie,

    Thank you for these wonderful video tutorials. I would love to see videos of how you add color to your die cuts using those little sponges. It may seem like such a simple thing, but being able to have the tutorial to refer back to would be really helpful. I’d also like to see how you go about building the card design – i.e. you have all of your bits and pieces made and colored – how do you decide what goes where. Thank you for all of this lovely inspiration and for taking the time to make these videos. Hope you are doing well.


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