New Flower Die Cut Sets All On One Card!

Did you see the new flower die cut sets?

If you haven’t checked out the brand new flower die cut sets just released by Rubbernecker, hold onto your tape runners – you are in for a treat! I used all five of the brand new Kittie Kraft by Rubbernecker flower die cut sets in this one card so you could see just how beautiful they are combined on a card. To make this bouquet card I used the Tulips and Stems, Gentian and Stems, Classic Flower and Stems, Canterbury Bells and Stems, Buchnera and Stems,  Branches and Leaves and Large Garden Pots.  I layered the bouquet on the Nested Rectangle Scallop with Holes and I added a few Flower Buds to flow over the edge of the pot.

This pretty paper flower arrangement was made using all five of the new flower die cut sets from Kittie Kraft by Rubbernecker

The Card Base

  • Use white cardstock to cut the A2 sized card base and eyelet layer.
  • Cut the background layer using purple cardstock.  
  • Attach the purple layer to the card base using ATG adhesive.
  • Apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the scalloped layer and attach it to the card base.

The Flowers and Garden Pot

  • Cut two sections of the Branches and Leaves using green cardstock.
  • Use purple cardstock to cut the Large Garden Pot.  
  • Cut one section of the Tulip and Stems, Classic Flower and Stems, Canterbury and Stems, Gentian and Stems and Buchnera and Stems using colors of cardstock of your choice.  Note:  I particularly used spring colors for my bouquet.  I can imagine using lots of different color combinations.
  • Assemble the individual flowers and stem sections and attach them together using glossy accents. Note:  I gently formed the Classic Flower and Buchnera Flowers sections before attaching them together.

Arrange the Flowers and Foliage

I usually create flower arrangements by attaching the flowers and foliage to the back of the pot with glossy accents.  For this arrangement I created the arrangement holding the stems and foliage in my hand and attaching them together using glossy accents.  My goal was to alternate the flower colors. Once the flowers were attached together I attached four large foliage section to the back of the flowers to complete a green base.  I finished the bouquet by adding a few small pieces of foliage in between the flowers to fill in.  The bouquet was attached to the card base with a good amount of glossy accents.  I attached the garden pot in front of the bouquet and attached using mounting tape.  I finished by adding a small piece of foliage with tiny flowers to hang over the edge of the pot.

New flower die cut sets are available from Kittie Kraft by Rubbernecker and this card with its card stock flowers in a stunning arrangement show them all off at once

Who knew a simple flower die cut – or a whole BUNCH of them, could create something so pretty? I loved putting them all together and hope your seeing this inspires you to try out your own flower arrangement on a card.  It took me lots longer to write how I created the bouquet than to actually make the bouquet.  I will get my phone out this week and make a video to show how it comes together.  

5401-04D Large Garden Pots Die
[ RBB ]
5402-01D Tulips and Stems Die
[ RBB ]
5402-02D Gentian and Stems Die
[ RBB ]
5402-04D Classic Flower and Stems
[ RBB ]
5402-05D Canterbury Bells and Stems
[ RBB ]
5402-03D Buchnera and Stems Die
[ RBB ]
5404D Branches and Leaves Die
[ RBB ]
Flower Buds Die Cut 5147-09D
[ RBB ]
Nested Rectangle Scallop w/ Holes 5141D
[ RBB ]
Paper Blossom Tool Kit 4/Pkg
[ RBB ]
Paper Blossoms Molding Mat
[ RBB ]
Glossy Accents .5oz
[ RBB ]
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider & Tape
[ RBB ]
Scor-Tape .125″X27yd
[ RBB ]
Crossover II Fabric & Paper Cutting…
[ RBB ]

You can create so many pretty things with a flower die cut.

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  1. I held on to my tape runners! LOL This IS GORGEOUS, Kittie! I LOVE ALL of the new flower dies you’ve created & used! JUST GORGEOUS!!! They’re STUNNING ALL TOGETHER like this!!! ;)<3


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