Use Small Flower Dies To Make Bouquets!

Small flower dies aren’t just for accents – see how you can make a bouquet with these gems!

If you are like me, you’ve got some small flower dies that you use for little accents on your projects. Today I want to show you a fun way to use multiples of any undersized flower die cuts to create darling little paper flower bouquets to accent your cards, or, as I have here, be the main focal point.  

small flower dies were used multiple times to create these charming paper rosebuds on this stunning handmade card

The Frames and Card Base

  • Cut the A2 sized card base and frames using white cardstock.
  • Turn the three frame sections face down and use double stick tape to attach them together.
  • Apply strips of mounting tape all around the back of the frame and attach it to the card base.
  • Use black ink to stamp the sentiment on the small oval section of the combo frame.

The Flower Buds, Stems and Foliage

  • Cut several sections of the flower buds using pink cardstock and four stem sections using green cardstock.
  • Use green cardstock to cut three sections of the branch die.

small flower dies crated these tiny petals which are being hand colored for additional dimension and realism

  • Use a mini applicator to apply soft touches of pink ink to each bud.

the hand inking of petals made using small flower dies from Rubbernecker to be used to make darling paper rosebuds

  • Pick up each bud with tweezers and lightly apply a touch of ink around the edges of each bud to create a darker shade of pink.

small flower dies from Rubbernecker created these tiny petals that are being shaped using some basic tools

  • Use needle nose pliers to hold each petal and use your fingers to curl and form the petals .  Pro Tip:  You can use your tweezers for this step but I find the needle nose pliers hold the petal more securely.  Pliers are a great tool to keep in your tool box.  

small flower dies from Rubbernecker were used to created these petals that are being assembled together to make darling rosebuds

  • Use tweezers to pick up each petal and attach them together using glossy accents  Note:  I used three petals for the larger  buds and two petals for the small buds.

small flower dies and foliage dies from Rubbernecker created these die cuts that will go on a stunning handmade greeting card

  • Use a large round stylus to form each bud on the end of the stems.  

small flower dies were used multiple times to cut several petals and are being assembled into darling rosebuds

  • Pick up the flower buds with tweezers and attach them to the flower stems using glossy accents.

The Bouquet

  • Begin by attaching the flower stems together using glossy accents.
  • Create a foliage base by attaching the large foliage branches to the back of the bouquet using glossy accents.
  • Tuck smaller sections of foliage down in between the front flower buds and attach using glossy accents.
  • Apply a generous amount of glossy accents to the back of the bouquet and attach it to the card base.
  • Cut several thin strips of green cardstock and attach them to the bottom of the bouquet using glossy accents.  Note:  I like to add several faux green stems to the bottom to create a more natural looking bouquet. 
  • Apply pieces of mounting tape to both sides of the sentiment and attach it to the bouquet. Note:  By attaching the sentiment layer with mounting tape on the sides allows it to straddle the bouquet.  

Check out my Paper Flower Bouquet Video to see how I use die cut paper flowers and foliage to create pretty bouquets.  Here are a couple more recent bouquet posts for you to check out.  Flower Card Idea and Pretty Flower Bouquet.  

a detailed image of a bouquet of paper rosebuds made using small flower dies from Rubbernecker

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Are you picturing or flipping through all your small flower dies now to see which ones you can use these tips with to make these pretty bouquets? There are so many options so go ahead and experiment – like nature, everything is different and nothing is “perfect” so have fun with this idea!

4 thoughts on “Use Small Flower Dies To Make Bouquets!”

  1. Another beautiful card. I loved your little life fun fact on fb. Here is what I commented. “Beautiful card. Oh, Kittie, that must have been wonderful to be surrounded by all those flowers. Mmmmm…..I love walking into a floral shop. Your mom taught you well!!! I love all your floral arrangement cards.”
    I hope that Rubbernecker is going to the Mesa event. I need so many of your flower dies!!! Have a blessed day!

  2. you are so right, the thought is they make great fillers for bouquets but they do a great job of standing alone! Lovely!!


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