Peep This Realistic Window Card Made With Die Cuts!

Come see how easy it is to create this realistic window card made with die cuts and a few of my little pro tips!

I know, here I am again with another window card. But in my defense, every time I post a realistic window card made with die cuts, I get TONS of people asking me to make more! And far be it for me to disappoint anyone – LOL. As I’ve said before, I feel like window cards give us what feels like a secret peek into another world. And WE are designing that little world, we can make it anything we want!
I used the Window with Shutters, Flower Stems, Tiny Flowers #2, Grass Set, and Cats dies from Brass and Bliss along with their Welcome Spring 6x6Paper Pad for the pretty “wallpaper” in the room we get to peek into.  I love that you can use any scaled patterned paper and pull your accent colors from that to make endless variations of this card using all the same basic construction.

A realistic window card made with die cuts to created the peek through panes, the charming shutters and all the pretty details.

Here are the steps to make this die cut window card, along with some of my pro tips for adding dimension and details.

Card Base

  • Use white card stock to cut an A2 sized card and purple cardstock to cut a 5.50″ x 4.25″ layer.
  • Apply double stick tape to the back of the purple layer and attach to the card base.  Pro Tip:  I like to use white cardstock for my card base so I can easily stamp an sentiment inside for the occasion.

Open Die Cut Window and  Die Cut Shutters

  • Use white cardstock to cut two Window with Shutters sections and the decorative trim pieces.
  • Cut the shutters using purple cardstock.
  • Note:  The pictures below were made showing cutting only one layer and for a different card but still shows the procedure for cutting the opening.

  • Line up the window die on the Purple and white card base, secure the die in place and run through the cutting machine.  Pro Tip:  If your die doesn’t cut all the way through both layers then you can use your kraft knife to finish cutting the layers.
  • Use white cardstock to cut a 5.25″ x 4.00″ layer and emboss it with Taylored Expression Brick folder. 
  • Line up the window die over the brick layer to match the card base opening and run through the cutting machine. 
  • Apply double stick tape to the back of the of the brick layer and attach it to the card base making sure to line it up over the window opening on the card base.

  • Place the card base face down on your desk, tuck one window back in the opening and attach it in place using double stick tape.
  • Use your snips of craft knife to cut the window panes out.  Note:  This step is not shown but for this card I wanted  only to use the window base for the opening.
  • Cut the top and bottom center sections of the second window to allow the window sections to open freely.
  • Apply a rope of double stick tape on both long sides of the back of the window.  Note:  Do not apply any tape to the top and bottom so the window can appear open.  I used double stick tape ropes because the window borders are two slim to use mounting tape.

rolled double stick tape 2

  • Attach the window directly to the first window.  

  • Cut a piece of the Welcome Spring designer paper, attach strips of mounting tape to the front side of the layer and attach it to the inside of the card base so it will show as wallpaper looking in to the window.
  • Attach the shutters on each side of the window using strips of mounting tape.

A peek through a realistic window card made with die cuts reveals pretty

The Die Cut Details – Grass, Flowers and Cat

  • Use green cardstock to cut one Grass Set, several sprigs from the Grass #2,  and several Flower Stems.
  • Use purple cardstock to cut the Tiny Flowers #2, place them face up on the molding pad and form them by pushing down the centers using a tiny tipped stylus.
  • Attach the flower stems to the card using glossy accents. 
  • Use glossy accents to attach the tiny flowers to the stems.  Pro Tip:  I love to use my reverse tweezers to pick up small die cut pieces like these flowers.
  • Apply a strip of mounting tape to the back of the grass section and attach it to the bottom of the card.
  • Tuck a few of the Grass #2 sprigs in behind the grass section to fill in and attach using glossy accents.

A realistic window card made with die cuts created with dies from Brass and Bliss for the peek through window, kitty on the sill, textural shutters and flowers and grass.


Here are the Brass and Bliss products used to make this card.

5609D Window with Shutters Die
[ B&B ]
5422-03D Tiny Flowers #2 Die
[ B&B ]
5615-06D Classic Tabbed Grass Die
[ B&B ]
5210-02D Grass #2 Die
[ B&B ]
5147-05D Flower Stems Die
[ B&B ]
5142-09D Cats Die
[ B&B ]
2016 Welcome Spring- 6×6 Paper Pad
[ B&B ]

You can see all the other every day tools and products I use on my My Favorite Crafting Tools section.

Now, putting this realistic window card made with die cuts together the first time might feel fiddly. But once you complete it and see how all the parts and pieces go together, it will make perfect sense and the second card will be SO much easier. Then you can use this one design in all different ways – different papers, colors, themes, seasons, and so on – for so many different occasions.

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  1. I never get tired of any of your designs – especially the Christmas, truck, and window ones. I thank you for all of your years of inspiration and sharing tips with me.


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