I decided to take you on a little tour this morning down my memory lane of early scenes.  I mentioned in my Friday post that scenes have become a passion for me. I went browsing this morning to find my earliest scene projects beginning in March 2006. I distinctly remember my desire to do more with an image than just color it and plop it on a card front.  I thought it would be fun to add scenery around images but I had no idea how to do that as I had never been able to draw or paint.  I took a chance and little by little I began scratching out little trees, etc and soon found how easy it was to draw a few straight lines to create scenery for my main stamped images. I also found that most scenes were made up of wonderfully colored grass, flowers, etc that could be simply added with a sponge.  I thought it would be fun to post some of my early favorites today.


Have a good Sunday!


KC And Everything Nice 2 





















KC Spring Gifts 4



 KC Garden Pleasures 2                                                                                  

KC Friendships Grow 3 













KC Spring Gifts 5 














KC Little Boys















KC Little Boys 2 





















KC Loads of Love 16 













KC And Everything Nice 15