Garden Flowers and Foliage Wreath Tutorial


This is a step by step tutorial to show how to make a wreath with Rock Fern foliage, Mini Daisy flowers, Ivy Tendrils and tiny buds


Supply List: EK Success Rock Fern Punch and Mini Daisy Punch, Poppy Stamps Ivy Tendrils, Fiskars 1/4” Flower Punch and 1/8” Hole Punch, Spellbinders Circle Dies, Stylus, Mat, Glossy Accents, Paper Piercer, Die Cutting Machine

1. Die cut a circle to use as the base for your wreath.


2. Punch enough fern to cover the wreath. I used about double this amount.


3. Form the fern by placing it on a mat or mouse pad and press down on each leaf with a stylus. A punched object forms a natural curve up when pushed through the punch and creates what looks to be the right side. I formed some of the fern from the right side and some by turning over to the wrong side. This creates a more natural appearance so that not all the ferns looked shaped exactly the same.


4, Attach the fern to the circle with a liquid, fast drying adhesive (I love Glossy Accents) and alternate one left, one right and one center. Keep this same pattern going until you get all the way around. Don’t worry that you may flatten some of the ferns as you can fluff them back up when you are finished. I use my paper piercer to push down on the stem of the fern to create a good hold.





5. Punch enough mini daisies to double layer. Using your stylus and pushing down in to the mat curl each petal of the flower in towards the center.


6. Turn the flower over and push down right in the center with your stylus and turn the flower inside out. You can see in the second picture below how the flower is formed but the little petals are still curling back. This adds much more interest to your flower.



7. Punch several mini 1/4” flowers to use as the center for each flower. Using your smallest stylus push the flower into the mat to form the curled petals.


8. Layer your two daisy blossoms together with a touch of glue and then finish by placing the tiny flower in the center. I use my paper piercer to pick up the flowers and to set them.


9. Lay your flowers around your wreath to see how you want them placed. Add glue to the place on the wreath where you want to attach the flower, pick the flower up with your piercer and push down in place on the wreath until secure. Don’t be afraid to push hard.


10. Die cut several ivy tendrils and cut in sections, form lightly with the stylus and mat (shown in second picture) to place around the wreath. These tendrils add a softness to the wreath and creates the outdoor garden appearance. You may think they should be added before placing the flowers but you want to see how the tendrils will fall over and around each flower. Add a touch of glue to the end of the tendril and tuck it in under the foliage and flowers.



11. Punch several 1/8” circles and form into tiny blooms by pushing down in to the mat with your smallest stylus.


12. Add even more of a garden feel to the wreath by placing these tiny blooms around on the ivy tendrils. Apply a small dot of glue on the tendril, pick up your bloom with your paper piercer and lightly touch it to the glue. The bloom easily sticks to the glue when you remove your piercer.




Finish your project. My card was inspired by Karen Haman. KC-Garden-Wreath-1_thumb


image_thumb1 Poppystamps Dies, Ivy Tendrils

Fiskars 1/4'' Flower Hand Punch 23627097Accents, Mini Glossy

Standard Circles SMSizzix Big Shot Machine, Black & Pink

Punch Bunch, Paper Crafting Tools

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  1. OHHH I love being first ♥
    Kittie, this is precious … such small, detailed work …breathtaking. Thanks for a great Monday *fix* and a brilliant tutorial.

  2. This is GORGEOUS!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for all the details! Your step by step tutorial is so helpful, I may actually try to make one! 😉
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  3. Hmmm I posted, and it didn’t show up! So, here goes again!
    Another stunning card. Thank you for the tutorial that is so easy to follow. It takes a lot of work to do that.

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    Thank you again!!!!

  5. I love cards with wreaths of any kind. Your tutorials are so detailed and you make it easier for the rest of us to understand your techniques. I print out all of your tutorials for future referense. Thanks again, Kittie!!!

  6. I love cards with wreaths of any kind. Your tutorials are so detailed and you make it easier for the rest of us to understand your techniques. I print out all of them for future reference. Thanks again, Kittie!!

  7. Beautiful card and great tutorial. I keep trying to make my little flowers look like yours. I’m not even close but I appreciate your tutorials so I can try one more time.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  12. Kittie –
    Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial! That card is so sweet and I love how the wreath turned out.
    Elaine Allen

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