Good Thursday morning.  I love placing a cat or two in my Christmas card scenes. I think they add another element of the homey feel of the holidays.  My husband and I are “the staff” that wait on four cats in our home so I have lots of inspiration.  LOL!  Several of you have written and asked if I would share some of my cat photos.  I thought it would be fun to include several of my cat cards along with the Caracciolo cat gang. 

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 KC Impression Obsession Bare Christmas Tree 1 rightKC Memory Box Cheerful STockings 1 right


KC Memory Box Classic Staircase 1 right

KC Poppy STamps Madison Arched 1 rightKC Memory Box Gift Bag 2 right

You can click on each of the card photos and be taken to the original post.

Cassie is 11 years old and is the oldest, largest, most beautiful and sweetest cat in our house.  We rescued her from Pet Rescue by Judy at a Pet Smart event. Take my word for it.  If you really don’t want to take a kitten or puppy home with you don’t shop for pet food on Pet Rescue day.  LOL! Ask me how I know.

Cassie 8-17-08

Cassie 11 08

This is Cassie and Chloe.  Chloe is 8 years old, a Fluffy Siamese and literally the most temperamental cat I have ever had the opportunity to “serve”.  LOL! Cassie and Chloe are great friends as you will see in the next several pictures.

Cassie and Chloe  b 11 08


Cassie and Chloe 11 08


Cassie and Chloe a 11 08

Cassie and Chloe cb 11 08


Cassie Chloe 4 27 13

Chloe 8-17-08Cassie Chloe 11 26 11

Chloe thinks she can ride daddy’s bike but she got totally tuckered out just jumping up to the seat.

Chloe on the bike 5 30 10

Everyone thinks our king sized Tempurpedic mattress is their place to sleep.

Chloe Toby Sophie 122208

Sophie and Chloe Jan 12 12 2


Sat Morning Bed 05 09

This is Sophie and Toby.  They are 5 years old but we still refer to them as the kittens.  My husband adopted them at Pet Rescue by Judy and brought them home to me to help soften the blow of losing Bailey, my 14 year old poodle. It was very hard to stay sad with kitten rodeos going on around the house.

Sophie Toby  Hug 12 08

They were trying to use my Stampin’ Up! markers but they got too sleepy and had to take a nap.

Sophie Helping Stamp 12 02 08

Sophie wanted to be with my constantly when she was a kitten.  Here she is riding on my shoulder while I was working in my stamp room.

Sophie 7-19-10

Pile on Mom  3 120608

Sophie thinks Mom is her perfect sleeping spot.

Sophie Toby Cat House 12032008

The kittens tuckered out from a romp.

SophieChloe 120308

Chow time!  No one can take time to look at the camera.  LOL!

The butts 9 09

This is Toby.  He is the cutest, meanest, most ornery and “entitled” cat I have ever had the opportunity to “serve”! When he is sleeping he is very very good.  When he is awake everybody needs to watch out!

Toby 2-18-12

Toby and Cassie look like twins but they are not related. Talk about book ends.

Toby Cassie 4 15 12

Twelve pound Chloe, the eternal optimist, trying to fit in a small Amazon box. 

Tubby Chloe in Box a 9 12

Cassie loves laying in baskets, boxes and even the bathroom sink.

Cassie's New Basket 2 Sept 10

Cassie in sink 7 22 13

Cassie and Chloe waitin’ to brush their teeth.

Waitin' to brush our Teeth

Waitin' for the Shower

Now you can see where I get all the “cat” inspiration and why they seem to fit so perfectly into my scenes. I would like to point out that we resued three mut cats and purchased one pure bred Siamese.  Funny….the pedigree doesn't make a bit of difference in how much we love them. Do yourself a favor.  Go rescue an animal and fill your home with love and save a life at the same time.

I hope you don’t mind that I did a more personal post.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.