Art Impressions Watercolor Scene

Good Saturday morning.  Have you had the opportunity to play with the Art Impressions watercolor stamp sets?  My project today was made using the Foliage Set 4051 and Flower Set 4052.  I used the Impression Obsession Solid Tree set. I had a good time this morning using some of the watercolor techniques that I learned early on in my paper crafting experience.  I love creating scenes and although I do mostly die cut dimensional scenes I still enjoy playing with ink and brushes.

KC Art Impressions Lower Foliage Sets 1 right

I started my scene by stamping the tree using light brown ink to give me a faint outline of the tree.  I filled in the top part of the tree with green ink and a ground grass stamp from the foliage set.  I used a darker brown ink and brush to add a few faint branches in the leaves. I then used my damp brush to lightly touch the leaf area to soften.

KC Art Impressions Lower Foliage Sets 1 center

I used the grass stamp and green ink to add a ground base for the tree and then used a couple of the taller foliage stems to fill in around the tree trunk. I used three different stamp images from the flower set along with bright yellow, pink and purple inks to create the flower garden. The bright yellow and purple flowers don’t show as well in the photo as the bright pink. I used my damp brush to soften the grass and flowers. I light filled in the tree trunk with my brush and darker brown ink.  I did this after I finished adding the flowers so it would make the trunk appear to be behind all the flowers. I finished the scene by lightly sponging a light blue background around the tree and flowers. 

KC Art Impressions Lower Foliage Sets 1 left

I have a couple more of the Art Impression watercolor sets ordered and hope they arrive today. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying your day.

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”


7 thoughts on “Art Impressions Watercolor Scene”

  1. Thank Kittie for once inspiring me! I have the foliage and the flower AI sets but not the tree. I have another tree from Impression Obsession that is very similar. I am going to try this. I have several AI sets and I love the watercolor technique they have demoed.

  2. Another gorgeous card, Kittie…. I think I could frame it and put it on the I loved this card & the colors you used. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity

  3. I am so glad that I came across your gorgeous tree card today. I made one today with that set and although it came out very pretty, it cannot hold a candle next to yours. I am going to follow your instructions and make another one tomorrow. I have all of the Ai watercolor scene sets except the newest gate set. I hope they create and release new sets soon. Their watercolor technique is so addictive. Thank you for sharing your beautiful card and instructions.


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