Good Tuesday morning.  I want to thank all of you who participated in my tutorial format survey and for so many great suggestions.  Congratulations to Janie Printz for having her comment #95 chosen by  Janie please send your mailing address and I will get your Memory Box dies right out in the mail to you.

95  Janie Printz said…  Kittie we can't go wrong with either format you choose but I LOVE seeing pictures with a numbered step by step as I am a visual person & I so enjoy your beautiful works of art … I'm excited about you doing videos as we can hear you up close & personal & feel like we're right there next to you learning from the best.
Hope life gets back to you & everyone else affected by the storms.

My project today was made using the Impression Obsession Santa MoonEuropean Buildings and the stars from the US Flag.  I love the Santa silhouette against the big bright moon and thought pairing it overhead of the buildings would make a fun scene. 

Project Pieces and Supplies

Card Base 5.50” x 4.25”, Blue Santa Moon Layer5.25” x 4.00” , Black Santa and Reindeer 5” x 2”,  Yellow Moon Background Layer 2.50” Square, Black European Building 5.50” x 2.50”, Yellow Building Background Layer 5.50” x 2.50”, Yellow Stars, Mounting Tape, Crafter’s Pick Ultimate Glue, Double Stick Tape, Scissors, Pencil, 

Card Base 5.50” x 4.25”

KC Impression Obsession Santa Moon 1  right


1. Trim the Santa and reindeer off of the blue layer.  When you cut this section be sure you have it set for the moon opening to be on the far left of your blue layer.  If not you won’t have anywhere for your reindeer to fly off to.

2. Trim the black Santa and reindeer  off leaving enough on each side to attach behind the blue layer.  Attach both sides to the back of the blue moon opening using glossy accents. Make sure you set Santa and reindeer at a low enough angle so the outer reindeer will not be going off the top of the card base.

3.  Attach small pieces of mounting tape to the back of the Santa and reindeer to pop them up off the gold background.

4.  Attach the gold layer behind the blue moon opening with double stick tape.

5. Apply thin strips of mounting tape to the back of the blue layer and attach to the card base. You can choose to attach the blue layer directly to the card base instead of popping it up if you wish.

KC Impression Obsession Santa Moon 1 center

6. Apply light touches of Crafter’s Pick Ultimate Glue to the back of the stars and attach to the card base. You can use any glue that works well for you  and although I usually use glossy accents for most of my projects I used Crafter’s Pick for the tiny stars because it dries clean and clear. 

7. Attach the three outer reindeer to the card base with small pieces of mounting tape.

8. Use the European Buildings as a template to trace the building lines on the yellow layer with a pencil.

9. Carefully trim around the traced lines to form the background layer. Some of the window openings in the European Buildings are very close to the edges so you’ll want to be careful to leave enough space to cover all the open spaces but not stick out above or below the buildings.

10. Apply double stick tape to several key spots on the back of the buildings and attach flat to the yellow layer.

11. Apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the buildings and attach to the card base.

KC Impression Obsession Santa Moon 1 left

The most tedious part of the process was attaching all those tiny stars to the blue background but I really love how they look for the overall scene and that they match the moon and building background.  You could easily replace the stars with white snowflakes made using a white gel pen, white liquid applique, white paint and tiny brush, white liquid pearls or whatever else you may have on hand. I think next time I will use the Santa Moon with a snowy winter scene with lots of evergreen trees.  I love the trees from the Peace Frame that I used earlier this past weekend and they are a perfect size to work with the Santa and reindeer.

Thank you coming by today and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I really appreciated all the comments and suggestions left on my September 23rd post.  Have a great day.