Such Sweet Baby Cards To Make!

An idea for sweet baby cards to make and send for lots of occasions!

Every once in a while I end up with a list of baby cards to make for new babies, baby birthdays, people want a special baby announcement card, etc. When I decided to design a set of dies and stamps to go with them, I tried to come up with something sweet and fresh that could be used for all of those card making reasons. I opted to go for some classic elements like these baby blocks, a basic alphabet and more classic toys. I just love how all these baby cards are turning out!

your list of baby cards to make just got easier using these adorable die cuts of baby blocks and classic toys thanks to new dies from Rubbernecker

The Card Base and Frame

  • Use white cardstock to cut the A2 card base and scalloped rectangle.
  • Cut a 5.50″ x 4.25″ piece of designer paper and attach it to the card base using ATG adhesive.
  • Place the scalloped rectangle on the cutting platform, line up a rectangle die and cut the frame opening.
  • Use pink cardstock and a smaller rectangle die to cut a second rectangle frame to use as a mat.
  • Apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the scalloped frame and attach it to the pink frame.
  • Apply strips to the back of the matted frames and attach them both to the card base.

The Duck and Bear

  • Use yellow cardstock to cut the duck and black cardstock to cut the eye.
  • Cut the bear die using light brown and cream cardstock and black cardstock for the eyes and nose.
  • Attach the duck wing and eye to the duck using glossy accents and color the beak using an orange marker.
  • Assemble and attach all the bear pieces together using glossy accents. 

The Blocks and Guide

When we were designing this set, we struggled a little with how to make sure that when the blocks were assembled we didn’t lose the embedded  perspective of the three different angles of the blocks. If we had added elements on the edges of the die cuts, there would be added thickness and that ruined the look of the blocks. See my solution below.

When I first cut out the blocks and laid all the pieces on my desk I quickly realized that I needed a guide to see which pieces go back together to complete the blocks.  I made a guide that I will keep with my die set for future cards.  See the steps below for the guide and the block assembly.


  • Cut two square pieces of cardstock large enough to cut the blocks die.
  • Apply strips of double stick tape to the piece of cardstock. and Do Not remove the paper backing layers.  


  • Place the cardstock on the cutting platform with the tape face down.  Pro Tip:  Placing the tape on the cardstock will keep all the die cut pieces in place permanently to use as your guide for future use.  
  • Place the die on the cardstock and run through the machine to cut.
  • Carefully remove the tape backing from the back of the blocks piece.
  • Secure the die cuts in place by attaching the second piece of cardstock to the tape on the back side.  Pro Tip:  I could have left the tape backing in place but I thought it best to secure with a cardstock layer instead of having the tape backing slowly come off when I remove it from and replace it back in my die envelope.

Assemble the Block

  • Use white cardstock to cut a set of inner blocks to use for the A, B, C lettering.  
  • Cut the blocks using colorful cardstock.  Note:  I used three different colors for this card and saved all the pieces in my die envelope to use in the future.  
  • Stamp the letters on the white inner sections using your choice of ink.  I used black so the letters would show up well.


  • Cut a square of cardstock larger than the assembled blocks and cover it with double stick tape.  I made my square larger than needed to show well in the picture.  
  • Remove the tape backing to expose the tape.


  • Use tweezers to pick up the white letter square and colored frame and attach them to the tape background.


  • Use tweezers to pick up the two remaining pieces, line them up against the frame and secure in place.


  • Trim off the excess taped cardstock to complete the block.  Note:  I think you will find the guide helpful to see which parts go together for each block.  I sure did!

Finish the Card

  • Apply pieces of mounting tape to the back of the blocks and attach them in the center of the frame. Pro Tip:  Placing the blocks a little askew is far more interesting than stacking them straight.  
  • Attach the duck to the card base using a double layer piece of mounting tape.
  • Tuck the bear’s right side behind the block and left side above the frame and attach using a double layer of mounting tape.

Check out my Handmade Baby Card post using all the toys in the new Kids Toys set.   You can check out the full New Summer Release here if you haven’t had the chance.    

 designs for baby cards to make just got easier with these adorable classic baby blocks and nostalgic toys made from card stock and new dies from Rubbernecker

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No matter what kind of baby cards to make are on your list these new dies are going to be perfect additions to your supply stash – if you love them GRAB THEM because, as we all know, new stuff sells out fast!  

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