A Die Cut Potting Shed LOADED With Details!

This die cut potting shed is so realistic, you will want to tuck inside!

We’ve seen lots of garden sheds on spring cards – I decided to turn mine into a die cut potting shed and it turned out so cute it’s got me wishing I could pop inside and start getting all my spring plants ready! Using the new Shed Ad-On, Tiny Flowers #2 and Small Wheelbarrow from Rubbernecker, I combined them with the previously released Shed, Half Tree, Cart Accessories #1, Slimline Grass, Slimline Clouds, Tiny Leaves #2 and Tiny Flower Buds
dies to give this card so many adorable details. I LOVE that everything works perfectly together!

realistic touches on this die cut potting shed create a handmade greeting card loaded with spring details

The Card Base

  • Use light blue cardstock to cut the A2 sized card base.  
  • Cut the Slimline Cloud section using white cardstock and green cardstock to cut the Slimline Grass sections.
  • Attach the clouds to the top of the cloud base using a strip of mounting tape.
  • Attach one grass section flat to the card base using ATG adhesive and the second to the card base using a strip of mounting tape.
  • Cut the fence section in two pieces, tuck them behind the grass and attach them on both sides of the card  with strips of mounting tape and leaving open space to attach the house.  
  • Use Kraft cardstock to cut the fence sections, apply brown ink using a wet baby wipe and brown ink and heat dry with your heat gun.
  • Tuck the fence sections in behind the grass layer and attach using glue dots on the bottom sections and tiny pop dots on the back of the top pickets.  

The Die Cut Potting Shed

  • Cut the Shed section twice. using brown woodgrain cardstock, line up the Shed Ad-On die over the second shed section cut out the large opening.
  • Cut two barn door sections using woodgrain cardstock and cut the barn door window sections out of both doors.
  • Use the small window die to cut the window opening in the back shed section.  
  • Use a wet baby wipe and brown ink to color all the parts of the Shed and Shed Ad-On and heat dry.  
  • Attach the front open shed section to the back shed section using pieces of mounting tape.
  • Apply strips of rolled up double stick tape to the main roof section and attach it to the top of the house.  Pro Tip:  Using strips of rolled up double stick tape adds dimension to the roof but is not quite as pronounced as it would be if I used mounting tape.  Sometimes just a little dimension is enough.
  • rolled double stick tape 2Attach the shingle roof section to the roof using glossy accents.
  • Apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the doors and attach them to the shed.
  • Tuck the die cut potting shed in behind the grass and attach it to the card base using pieces of mounting tape.

two sets of coordinating card making dies from Rubbernecker create this realistic, detail loaded die cut potting shed

Potting Shed Accessories

  • Cut several sets of the Tiny Flowers #2 and Tiny Flower Buds using pink, purple and yellow cardstock.
  • Place the flowers all face up on the molding pad and form them by pushing down in the center of each flower.
  • Use green cardstock to cut the Half Tree branches and the Tiny Leaves #2.
  • Attach the tiny flowers to the tiny leaves using glossy accents.  Pro Tip:  I used my reverse tweezers to work with the tiny parts and pieces on this card. 
  • Cut the green tree branches apart into three sections and attach flowers to the branches using glossy accents.
  • Cut the Small Wheelbarrow using dark red and black cardstock and assemble using mounting tape.
  • Use bright yellow cardstock to cut several sets of the terracotta pots and watering can from the Cart Accessories #1 set. 
  • Apply shading to the pots and watering can using  mini applicators rust and brown ink.  Check out my How To Dimension and Color to Terracotta Pots post to see my video tutorial.  

Assemble the Scene

  • Tuck the green tree and flower branches in behind the fence sections and attach to the card base using glossy accents in the bottom of the branches and tiny pop dots behind some of the flowers  
  • Attach tiny flower stems to the back of two of the shed shelves using glossy accents and attach them to the doors using glossy accents.
  • Attach stacks of pots together using glossy accents and attach them to the shelves on the back wall and to the wooden crate using glossy accents.  
  • Assemble the tiny flowers and leaves and attach them to the pots using glossy accents.  
  • Attach some small and large flower pots to the wheelbarrow using mounting tape.
  • Apply a large piece of mounting tape to the back of the wheelbarrow and pots and attach it to the card base.
  • Finish by attaching the watering can and loose flower pots to the scene using pieces of mounting tape.

this die cut potting shed looks so real thanks to all the tiny details on all the spring garden elements from Rubbernecker

I love making die cut scene cards with lots of dimension and interesting main focal images.  Check out my Scene Card Category for more scene card ideas.  

5422-01D Shed Die
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5422-05D Shed add on Spring
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5403D Half Tree Die
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5506-03D Small Wheelbarrow Die
[ RBB ]
5214-02D Cart Accessories #1 Die Cut
[ RBB ]
5328-02D Slimline Grass Die
[ RBB ]
5328-01D Slimline Clouds Die
[ RBB ]
5334-02D Tiny Leaves #2 Die
[ RBB ]
5422-03D Tinny Flowers #2 Die
[ RBB ]
Tiny Flower Buds Die Cut 5147-10D
[ RBB ]

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I just love all the little details on this die cut potting shed and can’t wait to turn it into other little structures using the new add-on die! Come back to see what else I do to turn these backyard buildings into new designs!

3 thoughts on “A Die Cut Potting Shed LOADED With Details!”

  1. so much great details, I love the shelf inside holding the pots, and the crate and wheel barrow this has so much details, just outstanding!

  2. There are so many beautiful details on this scene. The clouds are always quick to send a spring shower when out gardening. Love the stacks of pots and trays and the little garden tools set down where the busy gardener was working away a few minutes ago.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. 🙂


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