Rubbernecker Release July 2022

Today is the day – it’s the Rubbernecker Christmas In July 2022 NEW RELEASE!

As one of their Associate Designers, I get to contribute design ideas and get early access to some of Rubbernecker’s products. Today I am beyond excited to share some of my cards made using products in today’s Rubbernecker Christmas in July 2022 new release! With Christmas being six months away from today, these goodies are being released in plenty of time for us to plan our cards, get what we need to make them and get a head start on creating them all early. 

This Christmas In July release is positively LOADED with so many fabulous things I wasn’t even able to get my whole head around how many ideas I have to create projects for this 2022 Holiday season! Here are just a few – and yes, I will be sharing more details in future posts – of the projects I’ve been able to make. If you want to see ALL of the products in this new release, head on over to Rubbernecker’s blog and take a look at the long list of fun things that are available TODAY. 

I have added the new dies used over top each of these cards so you can make your list now and get in there and grab them before the first order sells out. The other details will be shared in the posts I am working on for each project so you can have all the details you need to make your favorites at home.

Tabbed House and House Snow Accessories

When I tell you that I will be using this a LOT, you can bank on it. The architectural details Rubbernecker has baked into this die set are spectacular and this house looks incredibly beautiful in any seasonal design. #askmehowiknow – hint, hint!

KC Rubbernecker 5516-01D House 1 right

Buildable Poinsettia, Mistletoe, Greenery #3, Joy and Plaid Pierced Cover

Rubbernecker’s understanding of how texture adds so much to a project makes me SO happy! This Plaid Pierced Cover die, while perfect for cozy winter cards, is going to be one of those dies you reach for over and over. And that new Buildable Poinsettia die set lets us make smaller gorgeous flowers that work beautifully with their other poinsettia dies, letting us have loads of options to decorate our cards.

KC Rubbernecker 5514-07D Buildable Poinsettia 1 left

Winter Cardinal 

You all know how I love birds. And when Rubbernecker created their Spring Birds die set I mentioned that creating a cardinal die that let us create these magical messengers with as much detail and dimension was on my wish list, this was the result. Is he not just so breathtaking?

Holly and Greenery Cover, Horizontal Birch Tree Cover

I love making scene cards. So when Rubbernecker started making cover dies that could create an instant setting, I was very excited! Both of these dies give you an instant site for your elements and in combination – well – you can add one element like this adorable snowman and your card is built!

KC Rubbernecker 5337-03D Winter Snowmen 7 right

Evergreen Forest, Deer Family #2 and Greenery #3 

I’ve made many a deer card and since these majestic creatures are so popular with so many people, I asked for some more deer in different sizes and positions. There are four new glorious beasts on this die set and I am loving making little families! The Evergreen Forest is so beautifully scaled that you can create a great background with one spin and if you want to, you can add some trees from the Evergreen Tree die to create some forced perspective. And do you spot the greenery poking out? The new Greenery #3 is all the same style sprigs giving you tons of design opportunity AND it coordinates excellently with Rubbernecker’s Greenery #1 and #2 sets!

KC Rubbernecker 5514-08D Deer Family #2 left

Merry, Holly and Greenery Cover, Greenery #3 and Build a Phrase Holiday 

I took some parts and pieces from the Holly and Greenery Cover Die and the Greenery #3 die set and combined it with one of the new holiday themed shadow and script dies – Merry – and the new Build a Phrase Holiday set and ended up with a totally send-worthy card! Using a sentiment as a focal point is easy with these new word dies and the phrase set will carry you through all of winter.

KC Rubbernecker 5515-02D Merry Word with Shadow 1right

Holiday Tags

We know that tags are super versatile. You can use them to add to a package OR pop onto a card base for an instant card. These new Holiday Tags, in three different sizes, add a touch of festiveness with the more ornate top and I am SURE these will fly off the shelves thanks to their fun look and perfect sizes!

KC Rubbernecker 5514-02D Holiday Tags 1 center

Pine Bough Background and Sentiment

One of the Christmas card trends for 2022 is the use of pretty illustrations. This Pine Bough Background set is so incredibly easy to use, lets you make a card in mere minutes and can be as simple or as ornate as you want to make it and no matter what, it will be exquisite.

KC Rubbernecker 5509D Fancy Decorative Nested 4 right

Here are the new things in this highly anticipated Rubbernecker Christmas in July 2022 new release. They are freshly stocked but as we have experienced, when something is HOT, it GOES! For the things you’ve absolutely fallen in love with, order them now so you don’t miss out and have to wait for a restock.

5516-01D Tabbed House Die
[ RBB ]
5516-02D Snow Accs for House Die
[ RBB ]
5514-09D Winter Cardinals Die
[ RBB ]
5514-08D Deer Family #2 Die
[ RBB ]
5514-07D Buildable Poinsettia Die
[ RBB ]
5514-06D Mistletoe Die
[ RBB ]
5514-05D Evergreen Forest Die
[ RBB ]
5514-04D Greenery #3 Die
[ RBB ]
5514-03D Horizontal Brich Trees Die
[ RBB ]
5514-02D Holiday Tags Die
[ RBB ]
5514-01D Holly and Greenery Cover Die
[ RBB ]
35018 Build a Phrase Holiday Set
[ RBB ]
35025 Wreath with banner set
[ RBB ]
35025D Wreath with Banner Die
[ RBB ]
5515-01D Christmas Word w/ Shadow Die
[ RBB ]
5515-02D Merry Word w/ Shadow Die
[ RBB ]
5515-03D Thanks Word w/ Shadow Die
[ RBB ]
5515-04D Hugs Word w/ Shadow Die
[ RBB ]
5515-05D Joy Word w/ Shadow Die
[ RBB ]
5515-06D Belive Word w/ Shadow Die
[ RBB ]

So, does this Rubbernecker Christmas in July 2022 new release make you feel excited about making your holiday cards? Do you have any ideas yet? Be sure to come back and check for new posts because I have LOTS to share. And remember, if you are worried about missing anything, sign up – use the box at the very top of this page, on the right – and get my posts delivered to your inbox the minute they go live!