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I don’t have a regular post today but thought I would take this opportunity to post about something dear to my heart.  You can help rescue and feed homeless animals for free every day just by taking a few seconds of your time to click on these sites.  Both of these organizations donate food to shelters all over the country.  You can set up a daily reminder for both to come directly to your email.  You click a couple of buttons on the page and you are finished.  There couldn’t  be an easier way to help care for homeless and helpless animals. Please take a minute and check out the links.

I just had to post a picture of my rescued cat, Buddy.  He found his way into my fenced in back yard in February and has been here ever since.  After a couple hundred dollars in vet bills he has now joined the pride of cats that live with me and my husband in our home. He is a true treasure and definitely a wonderful life worth saving.  He weighed 12 pounds when these pictures were taken and has now gained up to 15 healthy pounds.  He is the biggest cat in our house and nobody messes with him. 

Buddy A 2 14 11Buddy B 2 14 11

My husband told me I'm never allowed to look at anything that moves in the back yard again. LOL!

I hope you have a great day!