Bendi Frame Snowy Christmas House and Mini Wreath Tutorial

Good Wednesday morning.  I have a snowy Bendi Frame Christmas scene to share with you today.  I love the new Snowy Roof set that Impression Obsession made to coordinate with the Brick House set.  And the Evergreen Trees and Fence Border are just the perfect size to work with the house.  And the triangle roof, six pane windows and the drapes from the Square House set work perfectly with this house as well.

KC Impression Obsession Brick House 3 left

I cut the pieces of Fir Sprigs foliage, evergreen trees, snowy roof pieces, ground snow sections, applied Crafter’s Pick glue to everything and covered in glitter.  While I waited to let everything dry I assembled the house. Hint:  I applied all the glue on those pieces with my finger so I highly recommend keeping lots of baby wipes close by.

I attached the glitter ground snow to the back of the front white frame and then attached the fence behind it. I then attached the red frame section behind the fence. I attached tiny sections of fir and 1/16” punched circles for berries to the fence, windows and door to create decorative boughs

I attached the house to the card base and then attached the snowy roof sections with 1/8” double stick tape. I ran the sparkly trees through my straight crimper to add dimension and attached them on both sides of the house with mounting tape.

KC Impression Obsession Brick House 3 center

I created a very tiny wreath to fit on the gable roof section.  I thought I would show you a few step by step pictures in case you would like to try to make one. Check out my larger wreath tutorial to see how I make this same kind of wreath on a larger scale.


I punched a 3/4” circle, trimmed around the outside edge to make it approximately 1/2”. I cut through to the inside and cut out the center to create the wreath base.  I attached the cut ends together with glossy accentsI cut the tiny sprigs off of several fir pieces to create the branches of the wreath.


Attach one sprig in the center of the wreath.


Attach the next sprig to the left.


Attach the next sprig to the right.


Repeat those steps all the way around the wreath base.


Here’s a closer view of the wreath and red berry embellishments.

KC Impression Obsession Brick House 3 roof

Here’s a closer view of the sugary glitter snow on the roof and icicles.

KC Impression Obsession Brick House 3 windows

I used an old brush and applied glue all over the windows and door top and along the top of the pickets of the fence and applied glitter.  I had the super macro set on my camera to get these close ups (taking pictures is not my forte) so it even shows the loose glitter on the house that I couldn’t see  with my 250 strength reading glasses.  LOL!

KC Impression Obsession Brick House 3 fence

Here’s a closer view of the trees and the evergreen boughs on the fence.

Sadly none of the pictures really does this project justice.  This is truly a mini winter wonderland Christmas house scene.  It sparkles so perfectly in person. 

KC Impression Obsession Brick House 3 right

The card base was cut 1/8” narrower than the frame to allow for the bowed out opening. I finished by applying mounting tape to both sides of the frame, attached the left side first, bent the frame out and then attached the right side.  You can check out my Bendi frame tutorial over at Splitcoaststampers if you would like to see the step by step photos and video of how I create a Bendi frame and scene. 

Card size:  5.50 x 4.25”

18 thoughts on “Bendi Frame Snowy Christmas House and Mini Wreath Tutorial”

  1. This bendi frame card is so stunning and unique. It’s very dimensional and so attractive. Nice tutorial, Kittie. Thanks so much. You’re so brilliant.

  2. Kittie, this is such a gorgeous card….. I absolutely love it…. I swear, Christmas/winter is truly your forte when it comes to card making. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity

  3. Kittie, this is charming. I love it. BTW, your blog keeps my cardmaking budget in arrears. LOL!!! As always, thank you so much for sharing.

  4. It amazes me how much detail you put into your cards. They are always above and beyond. Once again, love it. I agree with Margaret. You keep raising my credit card balance and my card making budget is soo far in arrears that I will never see daylight.

  5. Wonderful card, Kittie! Your house and scene looks great in the neat bendi frame. 🙂 LOVE all the details and sugar sprinkled branches and berries. Beautiful card.

  6. Kittie, just when I think oh she can never top that card you out do yourself with every card you do, really. As another woman mentioned you feel like your in the card. I was standing there in the snow looking in the windows of that beautiful house. As always your my favorite card designer, you always blow me away.

  7. OMG!! You are absolutely amazing. What a gorgeous card. I am curious….
    when you send your family and friends Xmas cards does everyone get a different one? You can’t possibly sit down and knock out 50-60 cards like this. I’m jealous as I have to send out 110, but then add 1 “special” cards for my children, closest friends, Pastor, etc. This year they will be the penquins in the igloo card you made. Thanks for all your creativity.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Kittie! Love all your cards and the tips and tricks you share are amazing. Thank you for being such a sharing crafter.

  9. Wow! I am not easily impressed but your card truly amazed me!!
    I don’t think I could give away a card like this one Lol
    Such work of art. Love it!


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