Good Monday morning.  I love making white on white projects with a few touches of color.  I recently made a fall card for my CLASSroom post using the Impression Obsession Tree Frame  and adding colorful leaves.  My project today takes white on white to a new high for me because I added even more white with Polar White Flower Soft. I love how it added a soft touch to the sweet scene with the mother and baby deer from the Deer Trio. .

 KC Impression Obsession Tree Frame 4 left

I started by painting Crafter’s Pick Ultimate Glue on the branches with an old paint brush and applying the flower soft. I did this in steps and painting small areas at a time so my glue wouldn’t dry out before I could get the flower soft on.  I did a tutorial back in September showing the steps of applying the glue and flower soft to the tree branches and how I created the frame and scenery around the tree.  You can find the tutorial here

Note:  Don’t use a good brush to apply the glue.  The glue does wash out with water but it isn’t so great for the bristles. I actually attached my old brush to my bottle of glue with a rubber band so I would remember to use the same brush over and over.  I am absent minded when crafting and reach for the first brush I come to.  LOL!  I’ve ruined a few good ones by mistreating them.

KC Impression Obsession Tree Frame 4 center

While the tree was drying I attached snowy ground pieces to the back of the frame with 1/8” double stick tape.  I then painted on the glue to both sections and applied flower soft.  Patience is not my strong suit so I whistled the Jeopardy tune while everything was drying and cut the deer, fir sprigs and birds and embellished the baby deer’s neck with foliage and berries.  When everything was dry I applied 1/8” double stick tape  to the back of the frame and attached the tree frame. I applied thin pieces of mounting tape to the back of the frame and tree trunk and attached to the card base.

Note:  I had to cut 3/4 of the tree frame border off to make it fit to the outer frame.

KC Impression Obsession Tree Frame 4 close up

Here’s a closer view of the branches.  I added the red birds to add interest to all that white.

KC Impression Obsession Tree Frame 4 close down

Here’s a closer view of the deer, snow banks and foliage. I attached the deer to the card base with mounting tape.  I tucked the foliage in behind the snow layers and around the deer and attached with glossy accents. I finished by painting glue on the foliage and applying the flower soft.  I didn’t apply the glue and flower soft before attaching the sprigs to the scene because I knew my fingers would damage it in the process. 

KC Impression Obsession Tree Frame 4 right

I almost colored the deer as well but thought they made a stronger impact on the scene in white even though they are slightly lost with the tree branches behind them. 

I hope you have a great week and don’t work too hard preparing for your Thanksgiving dinner.