Fall Pumpkin Patch

Good Thursday morning. We really don’t get to celebrate a real fall season here in Florida as we have no color changes in our leaves.  But I have to say we have had the most beautiful weather here with low humidity and highs in the low 80s so we have that to be thankful for. To me fall is all about brightly colored leaves and pumpkins and a little nip in the air. I have another brightly colored pumpkin card to share with you today.  I like placing my brightly colored pumpkins on an almost all white background so the colors pop.  Earlier this week my pumpkins and gourds were embossed to allow the colors to become more brilliant.  For this project I left the pumpkins plain with no embossing and allowed the orange and light touches of brown to make them appear like they have been piled up in the pumpkin patch.

So before I start talking about how I colored these pumpkins and put the card together I have a question to ask you.  Is it just me that can put a whole card together, getting all the finishing touches on and not notice until you start taking the pictures that you have attached something totally crooked?  I mean ……can it really be only me that is so focused on the minute details of a project that the largest and most prominent thing on the card is out of whack?  Take a close look at my frame. It’s more than an 1/8th of an inch lower on one side than the other.  Someone could ski down that slope.  LOL!  OK.  I am still posting my crooked framed pumpkins because I love them and how they turned out.  Moral of the story….nothing is ever really perfect. 

The Pumpkin Set is from the Impression  Obsession Fall/Winter release and is paired with the twigs made with the Tree Row, Large Fence, Small Leaf Set, Grass Border, Leaves and Stems,  and All-in-One Frames Rectangles 2.

KC Impression Obsession Pumpkin Set 1 left

I cut the large fence for the background using kraft cardstock, lightly dabbed it around on my versa pad and embossed with white embossing powder.  I wanted it to have that old crackly paint look. I cut the frame, attached the grass border to the back of it with double stick tape and then applied thin strips of mounting tape to the whole back of the frame. I attached the fence to the mounting tape, applied double stick tape to the lower back portion of the fence and attached the whole thing to the card base.

KC Impression Obsession Pumpkin Set 1 center

I cut the pumpkins using orange cardstock and enhanced the color by applying orange and brown distress inks with a mini applicator.  I applied the tiny foliage sprigs to the pumpkins with glossy accents. I cut the tree twigs using kraft cardstock and applied brown ink for color and then cut apart to tuck in around the pumpkins.  The tiny leaves were cut using white cardstock and were colored with distress inks and a mini applicator.

KC Impression Obsession Pumpkin Set 1 close

I arranged the pumpkins in behind the grass border and attached most of them with double layered mounting tape and the front smaller ones with a single layer of mounting tape. I tucked the twiggy sprigs in behind and around the pumpkins with glossy accents to add interest and a more natural look to the patch.  I needed to add another touch of color to the all white top of the card to draw the eye up and decided the tiny leaves would be the perfect touch.  I love this card even though it does have the most crooked frame I have ever attached to a card front.  LOL!

KC Impression Obsession Pumpkin Set 1 right

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”

18 thoughts on “Fall Pumpkin Patch”

  1. You are too funny sometimes….crooked card panels??? Been there, done that! I wouldn’t have noticed had you not said anything. My biggest thing is getting the bright idea “after” I have my card all put together to add something or touch up ink, etc. and it not going well. I’m learning to just lay it all down together without attaching everything and walking away for a bit.
    Anyway….I loved your classroom tutorial and I love your card today. Both very pretty….but, that’s no surprise.

  2. Kittie, your card is gorgeous! As for the crooked frame, I would not have noticed it at first. After I read through the entire post and looked at the pictures, I had to laugh a bit. I thought, Kittie made an error? That’s unheard of. You always post such classy and perfect looking cards. I am glad you showed it the way it turned out. Thank you for sharing your designs and cards with us. I always get inspiration from your projects!

  3. This pumpkin patch card is glorious. Love the way you inked up the fence and assembled the piece. Who else shades the way you do?
    Thank you for pointing out your border faux pas. With all the teeny, tiny absolutely perfect pieces in your scenics mocking us, it’s a relief to know you Are human after all. There may be hope for the rest of us!
    And yes, the weather here now is “open the moon roof, crank up the tunes” fabulous.

  4. So glad that happens to you – the one who makes the most special cards – mine are not nearly as “complicated” and yet I still struggle with aligning layers!!!!!!

  5. Gorgeous scene and I hadn’t noticed the framing until you pointed it out, I guess I was concentrating on all the details. I have done that same thing many times, and after putting all the work into it and I usually need to get the card in the mail, that is the way it goes out 🙂

  6. Good morning, Kittie. I had to chuckle, what you did about the frame, I too have done that. OH! thought display the card at an angle, then who would notice? It’s nice to be normal. I just love your concept with pumpkins and fence. they both are gorgeous. and the fall leaves add the touch of fall. they are beautiful. a very nice Thanksgiving card too. Keep up your gorgeous work, and sharing. we love ya. and are inspired everyday…..HUGS>>>>LOL

  7. Love this, Kitty. Wish I could share but the only option the pin button gives me is a picture of a Ranger Ink Pad. When I try to share to Facebook, my picture choice is the paper trimmer. I can’t upgrade my browser, so I will try to share later if I see this post on FB.

  8. Oh Kittie… not noticing a flaw until I’m preparing the blog post, yes that happens quite often. As to crooked this is fairly standard for me!
    But what lovely scene you’ve created, as usual, with those delightful die-cuts!

  9. Love your pumpkins and the way you did the fence. Crooked frames, yep Ive done that many times, but not tellin how many lol.

  10. well Miss Kittie, you’ve done it again… I love your card… especially the pumpkins… And surprise, I don’t have the dies… lol. Now I gotta go shopping… Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity…

  11. It’s a beautiful card! I always look at the pictures before I start reading and didn’t even notice it was crooked until you pointed it out 🙂

  12. So nice to know that everyone can make mistakes! My husband always says” It wouldn’t be handmade if it were always perfect”. Love all your beautiful cards & this is probably the only mistake on all the ones you have posted>


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