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Handmade Die Cut Paper Flowers and Delicate Frame Card

I enjoy creating a card  with handmade die cut paper flowers and a delicate decorative frame.  My project today was made using Becca Freeman’s Tallulah Frill Layering Frame Small set by Spellbinders along with Spellbinders Foliage and flowers made using the Succulent and Mum Flower set.  I thought the monochromatic cream paper would be perfect to create an elegant floral project. 

What fun to make a handmade die cut paper flowers and delicate frame card

I used my magnetic platform to secure the two frame dies in place so I could cut them both at the same time.  I used a layer of wax paper between the dies and cream cardstock to protect it from the dies leaving marks.  I ran the platform through one direction and turned it around and ran through the opposite direction.  I wanted to make sure I had a good cut since the dies are so intricate.  I turned both frames face down and attached them together using 1/8″ double stick tape. I removed the tape, applied thin strips of mounting tape to the back of the frame and attached it to the card base. 

Handmade die cut paper flowers and delicate frame card

I formed the flowers using a stylus and molding pad and attached the sections together using glossy accents.  The secret to creating dimensional flowers is using a good stylus and a fairly thick molding pad.  I sometimes use two pads together so the petals roll well with being pushed down with the stylus. I formed the foliage leaves gently with my fingers and attached the sections to the card base using glossy accents.  I added champagne pearls to the flower centers to finish.

I love making a handmade die cut paper flowers with a delicate frame card

Thank you so much for coming by today and I hope you are inspired to make your own handmade die cut paper flowers with an elegant decorative frame.

Handmade Paper Flowers with Die Cuts

Good Sunday morning.  Do you notice anything new about my blog?  I love the change!  How about you?  I thought it would be fun to make a homemade paper flower project using die cut flowers and a decorative die cut background for my first post.  I loved using my favorite red, green and white color combinations for my holiday cards but switching to my other favorite combination using purple, green and white is a welcome change.  I love to use this color combination for making spring and summer  handmade paper flowers with die cuts.  My project was made using the Spellbinders Annabelle’s Trousseau Layering Frame, Succulent and Mum Flower and Foliage sets.

I started by cutting the flowers, foliage and decorative background pieces using my Big Shot.  I attached the  decorative background to the card base using thin strips of mounting tape.  I used a few lightly placed dots of Crafter’s Pick Ultimate Glue to the back of the oval layer and attached to the white layer.

Learn how to make handmade paper flowers with die cuts

I used the larger and smaller stylus tips from my Garden Tool Kit  and molding pad to form my flowers and attached the flower layers together using glossy accents.  I gently formed the leaves with my fingers to add a natural appearance.  I attached two of the full leaf sections to the base using glossy accents and then attached the larger flower and two smaller flowers in place with glossy accents.  I cut a third leaf section apart and tucked it in behind the top of the larger flower to fill in to complete the arrangement.  I created white flower centers for the flowers using Tonic Nuvo White Gloss Crystal Drops.  To finish the project I applied several drops on a small piece of a Craft Sheet, allowed them to totally dry and then secured them in the flower centers with glossy accents.  

making handmade paper flowers with die cuts is so fun

Thank you for coming by today and for all the wonderful support you have given my blog posts this year.  I am looking forward to making lots of fun projects in the coming new year.  I hope each of you have a Happy and Health New Year.

Card size:  6.00″ x 4.25″


Clean and Simple Rose Creations

Good Monday afternoon.  My project today was made for the Splitcoaststampers Clean and Simple Challenge to create a card using an oval, navy blue and vellum.  Uh oh!  I totally finished my project, photographed it and realized I had forgotten to use vellum.  Duh!  I can’t post it for the challenge but I can post it on my blog.  I think the white flower and blue foliage look striking against the white frame and background.  Fast, simple and easy. I used the Spellbinders Floral Ovals for the decorative background, Rose Creations for my flower and Foliage for the leaves.

KC Spellbinders Rose Creations 2 right

I cut the decorative oval layer and attached it to the card base using thin strips of mounting tape.  I cut the flowers, formed them with my stylus and molding pad and attached the layers together using glossy accents. 

KC Spellbinders Rose Creations 2 center

I attached the flower in place using glossy accents and then tucked the foliage under the petals and attached with glossy accents.  I used Nuvo Wedgewood Blue Crystal Drops in the flower center but got a little carried away and let the drop get too big.  Instead of it drying rounded like a pearl it spread out a little too much.  I still think it looks pretty and allows the flower center to match the blue foliage.

KC Spellbinders Rose Creations 2 left

Thanks for coming by today and I hope you have a good week.

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”


Framed Poinsettia Arrangement

Good Saturday morning.  I never tire of making poinsettia cards during the Christmas holiday season.  I hope you don’t tire of seeing them.  I recently purchased the Spellbinders Thinking of You Scalloped Rectangle Frame Set and couldn’t resist pairing the smaller frame with a sugared poinsettia arrangement.  I used the Spellbinders Layered Poinsettia Set, Foliage Set along with the Impression Obsession Pine Sprig Cluster to create the floral arrangements and layered the whole design using the Lawn Fawn Scalloped Rectangle Set. 

KC Spellbinder Poinsettia 6 right

I’m going to refer you back to a poinsettia tutorial I did years ago to show how I form the flowers and attach the layers together.  The forming steps are the same but for my flowers today I added color to my petals and foliage before I shaped them. I cut the flowers and large foliage pieces using white cardstock.  I applied Candied Apple ink to the poinsettia layers using a mini applicator.  I applied Shabby Shutters and Peeled Paint ink to the large foliage pieces and large flower section using a mini applicator.  The pine cluster pieces were cut using Easter Grass cardstock. The flower layers were formed using my stylus and molding pad from the Garden Tool Kit and attached together using glossy accents.  I placed a drop og glossy accents in the center of each flower and inserted the tiny yellow flower center in place.  I used a Sofft stylus and tip to apply Cosmic Glitter glue to the flower petals and foliage and sprinkled them with clear Rock Candy glitter.

While I was at it I took a few step by step photos showing how I made the yellow flower center for my poinsettia.  For the purposes of the mini tutorial I made the cuts on the cardstock wider than I actually made for my flower so it would show up better for the photos. 


I cut a thin strip of cardstock about about 1/2” wide and cut several thin strips along one side.  I start making the whole thing bigger than necessary just so it is easier to work with and so my old eyes don’t give out on me.  Once it is completed I cut it down to the size I need for my flowers.


I gently rolled the paper around my tweezers to shape.


I applied glossy accents to the base edge and then closed around the tweezers.



I cut the strips off to shorten and then remove from the tips of the tweezers.


I turn the piece around, clamp it in place with my tweezers and trim off the base side to shorten to fit in my flowers.


I spread out the little strips and attach it in the flower center.  Remember that I made these strips wider to show better for my photos.  In reality my little strips were only about 1/16” wide and fanned out to look more delicate than this photo shows.

KC Spellbinder Poinsettia 6 center

I attached the scalloped layer to the card base with thin strips of mounting tape.  I cut very thin strips of mounting tape and applied to the back of the decorative frame and attached it to the scalloped layer.  I used glossy accents to attach the poinsettias to the frame and then tucked the foliage sections under and around the flowers and attached with glossy accents. I like that the pine sprigs cut from green cardstock add another color of green so they show up well with the larger foliage pieces.

KC Spellbinder Poinsettia 6 left

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Thanks for coming by today and I hope you have a great weekend. 

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”


Inspired Vintage Roses

Good Saturday morning.  My project today was made for the Splitcoaststampers Inspiration Challenge and the Craft-Tim Holtz Pinterest  site was our inspiration. Wow!  There was tons of fantastic inspiration on this site but with that said the Tim Holtz vintage and mixed media techniques take me way out of my comfort zone.  My card was inspired by several different creations on the site but it was the Paper Roses  found here that was my initial inspiration.  This is one of those projects that I just couldn’t leave well enough alone and kept adding and adding until I finally couldn’t add any more. I pulled several Spellbinders sets that I haven’t used in quite a while.  The roses were made using the Rose Creations set, the larger leaves were made using the Foliage set and the decorative background layers were made using the Decorative Labels Eight.  The smaller sections of foliage was made using the Impression Obsession Foliage set.

KC Spellbinders Rose Creations 1 right

I cut the background layers and attached them to the card base with strips of mounting tape.  The large foliage leaves were cut and scored with the leaf tool.  The rose layers were cut using pale pink and before forming them I sponged them with Antique Linen and Worn Lipstick Distress ink.  I formed the petals of the roses using a larger stylus to soft the paper and then used a much smaller one to roll the petals inward. The center section of each rose was rolled tightly and then attached together with touches of glossy accents.

KC Spellbinders Rose Creations 1 center

I attached the large leaves to the card base using glossy accents. Nest I attached the three roses with glossy accents and then filled in around the roses with the small foliage sections. I was basically finished with the card and was getting ready to take my pictures when it struck me that the dark green foliage was a little stark for the delicate pink roses. I decided to apply gold Wink of Stella to all the leaves of the smaller foliage sections to soften the arrangement.  From there I thought pure gold foliage would be pretty so I cut the smaller sections of foliage using white cardstock and then colored each piece with the gold Wink of Stella and tucked them around the arrangement. I just couldn’t stop there.  I pulled out some thin gold organdy ribbon, created a multi loop bow and heated it with my heat gun to crinkle and curl for another touch of vintage.  I attached the bow and streamers with glue dots.  So as I sat looking at the card I felt the roses were too plain now that they had all the gold foliage around them so I took to coloring the edges of the petals with the gold Wink of Stella.  Whew!  Finally I had to let it go and just take my pictures.  LOL!

KC Spellbinders Rose Creations 1 close

Here’s a closer view.  I like how it turned out.

KC Spellbinders Rose Creations 1 left

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”