Good Sunday morning.  I have a fun white on white window scene with bight pops of color to share with you today. I really love the shape of Susan’s Conservatory Window.  I think it is decorative and so perfectly crisp on an all white background.  It certainly creates a perfect stage for the mini wreath, stockings and kitty cat.

KC Sizzix Conservatory Window 1 left

I have posted a see thru window tutorial that shows the steps create an open window.  You can find it here.  I thought I would create a step by step tutorial on how I create a mini wreath.


Start with a circle about 3/4”.  You can use your circle dies if you wish but I think it is too much trouble for such a small wreath base.  I just punch out a circle, cut in about 1/8” and then cut out an inner circle. I finish by gluing the two ends together to complete the circle.  You won’t see the uneven cuts after you apply the foliage.  Smile

I hate to admit this to you but for all the years I have been making these mini wreaths with the Branch Punch I never thought of the time saving steps I’m about to show you until recently.  The branch needs to be smaller for the mini wreaths.  I only use the top three sections and cut off the rest.  I can’t tell you how many times I have punched whole branches and hand cut off the bottom branches with my snips.  One day I grabbed a thin strip of scrap cardstock that I thought was just wide enough to get the size cut I wanted. Ding dong!  The doorbell rang in my head and I realized I could save time and energy just by using a strip of paper just wide enough to cut the top section.




Insert your strip of cardstock and place the edge in line with the bottom of the top section and punch.  You will need to turn your strip a little sideways in the punch. Punch, punch, punch and you have a nice pile of tiny branches.  LOL!  I am so slow!


I start the wreath by attaching the first branch straight on the circle.


I attach the second branch turning to the left,


I attach the third branch by turning to the right.


Repeat the rotation-straight, left, right all the way around the wreath circle until you have it totally covered. By rotating you will create a more even design.


I got my wreath a little full and didn’t leave an opening in the center of the wreath but it doesn’t matter.  It still works and shows off the tiny decorations. I photographed the wreath with a ruler so you could see how tiny it really is. You can decorate your wreath with any tiny object you have.


I couldn’t resist taking a close-up photo of the tiny embellishments together.  I love bright red and green against white for Christmas projects..

KC Sizzix Conservatory Window 1 center

I cut two windows, one for the front and one to finish off the inside of the card.  I used the window as a template to draw cutting lines and cut it out using my craft knife.  I attached the front window with mounting tape for dimension and then attached the inside window with ATG adhesive. I attached the wreath and cat to the window with glossy accents.  I used mounting tape on the toe of each stocking to hold them away from the wall and attached them to the window with glossy accents.

KC Sizzix Conservatory Window 1 inside view

Here’s a photo to show how nice and finished the inside window opening is. I punched out another 3/4 circle and attached it to the back of the wreath before attaching so it would look more finished from the inside.

KC Sizzix Conservatory Window 1 right

I hope my mini tutorial is a help and that you are encouraged to try one for yourself.  You can use any of the punched or die cut foliage you may already have. The wreath in my Saturday post was made using the Pine Sprig Cluster die set branches.  I cut those off with my snips to make them fit for the tiny wreath.

KC Sizzix Door and Wreath 2 close

Here are links to two larger wreath tutorials that you may want to check out.

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Here is a link to the Wreath category on my blog that will take you to all of my wreath projects.  You may get ideas for how you can use wreaths on your cards or project.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I appreciate it and I hope you are enjoying your weekend.